E3 2007 begins

Just to share the info, I’m at E3 2007 this week. Didn’t originally think I’d be able to get into it this year, but things worked out and me and RPGamer are doing our best to scope out the RPGs and what not that E3 has to offer. Which honestly…isn’t all that much.
We’ve done some press conferences, been to a Bethesda party, and seen some Square Enix titles, but beyond that, the RPG opportunites are a bit slim this year….The whole conference is a bit slim this year. With actions like Microsoft not even having press kits and just putting stuff up for download on Xbox Live (which, they fail to realize, doesn’t help the press as their Xboxes are at home and they are here), it makes me wonder why they bothered to have this event at all. The small companies aren’t here, the companies that are here have little space and are so spread out that you can barely figure out who has what available to see, and the big companies still ignore the smaller media sites. So it’s like E3, but with less accessibility, instead of more.
Oh, and no one’s giving out any goodies this year. Apparently those goodies were meant for the general public which was scamming their way into the prior E3s, so now that they’re not here the swag isn’t needed? I don’t know, I just really don’t understand that one…
But no worries, G4TV has the largest show floor space here, so we can continue to worship the big media sites. Which, with the continuing traditions of media exclusives, closed door demonstrations, and VIP press kits, seems to be what this E3 is about. Nevermind the fact that those same people are the ones that have been getting flown out over the early summer months for private demonstrations of games and don’t really need even more private demonstrations at E3….

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