Hey, sorry to take so freaking long to post. I’ve been FFXI obsessed lately, made lots of progress. And then when I do stop playing, I have a pile of important things to take care of, leaving me with no blog time.
Anyway, to catch you up, this blog comes at you from Omaha, NE. I drove home today. 7.5 hours of concete goodness. Anyway, good to be done and home and stuff.
Gina (my sister) says that, “Gina is cool.” So just thought I’d share that with you.
Um, FFXI update: Nubuo is level 21 RDM/ 8 WHM.
Medical issues update: ADD appointment is Dec. 3rd so that’s coming up soon. I need to tell them that I can’t bring anyone with me like they wanted. So I hope to do that Monday. I hope they can just call someone. At this point, it’s been so long I don’t really care anymore, it’s too stressful to think about and I just want to move on. Though knowing my mental status for sure would be nice.
I’ve been writing kornshell scripts at work lately. They’re okay, but I’m really hoping to do some Perl stuff soon. Especially as that will help me learn Perl so I can contribute to www.rpgamer.com development work.
I haven’t had much time for reading lately. I miss that. I’ve been (well a few months ago anyway) reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It’s really good and really long. Just the way I like it. I really want to read more, but with so many games out, what little free time I have goes to them so I can chat about them with my rpgamer friends. Oh well. I’ve also been reading Shonen Jump (Japanese comics), quite good that is, but reads very fast so I can browse through one after lunch on a Saturday. I also want to read through some good non fiction like Philip Yancey’s What’s so Amazing About Grace? Oh well, just lamenting the lack of reading in the modern lifestyle I guess.
Oh, and the cats are good. For a while I thought Sophe had a urinary tract infection. So I took her to the vet and they were unable to get a sample and sent me hope with a small collection kit and told me to lock her in the bathroom with it. I did so…and she didn’t use it at all. So I tried putting plastic over the regular box and she either got around it, or wouldn’t go near it, and then the office closed (as it was Saturday), and I just gave up. Of course, she stopped exhibiting symptoms too, so I guess her night in the bathroom somehow made it go away. Oh well, as long as she’s okay now.
Now the cats are alone from Wednesday at 9 till Saturday when I get home. That’s 3.5 days and a bit longer than I’ve left them home alone before. I’m a little worried but I have them set up with ample supplies, so I hope they’re okay. What I do need to find is someone to take care of them when I go to Urbana. But I think my apartment will actually check on them, so yay!
Anyway, off to do something fun and then get some sleep. Glad I took some time to catch up.

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