Doctor's Visit

Hey, so yesterday was my big doctor’s appointment. I went in and was meet by one of the most friendly and helpful doctors ever. He was awesome, thorough, understanding, and intellectual. Very good.
After a day of psych/IQ/cognitive testing, I received the results:
I don’t have any neuro-cognitive problems. (usually found with ADD, but never used to diagnose ADD)
According to the standard evaluation of my reported problems he would diagnose me with a mild form of ADD and recommends trying a medication when my hypothyroidism dosing is stabilized if my problems still persist.
So yeah, there you go. Also learned my IQ is decently high too, so that’s fun. Well not my verbal IQ (76 percentile), but the other 2 categories in the WAIS-III test were 98 and 99 percentiles, whatever they are (i imagine math is one).
So, now to get my thyroid under control and then on to whatever is next.

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