DevCon 2006 Day 2

So, another day in Palm Springs. Still nice here. 🙂 Learned more today at the conference. But the real fun was later in the evening.
Tonight they had a carnival at the conference center. They had lots of little carnival type games like ring tossing and basketball tossing and whatnot. I spent the night rotating through them all till I beat each one, so now I have this small bounty of prizes, mostly stuffed animals. XD Kind of silly and I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, but it’s still fun to walk back to my room with a jester hat and four stuffed animals.
Oh well, I’m getting really exhausted out here, probably not used to the time change yet. I think I’ll hit bed early tonight.

One thought on “DevCon 2006 Day 2”

  1. Perhaps we could have a carnaval at your house in Madison, as you already have a lot of carnival-type prizes to give away. Seeing Jerad in a dunking booth would be pretty funny too.

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