Day 3 CES Want List

enTourage eDGe
So check this out. This thing folds open like a book and on the left is an e-reader that you can draw on, and on the right is a netbook running Linux with Google Android. You can drag notes from the left and drag them into the netbook on the right. It’s got wifi and will have 3g. All this for 490$, the price of a Kindle DX. It’s aimed at students, would be a great notetaking or classroom device.
Available for $299 in fiberglass and $599 in carbon fiber with kevlar. Good luck breaking into this wallet. This thing has a fingerprint reader to allow you to open it. It can also sync with your cell phone via bluetooth. Why? So that if you walk away and leave your wallet behind, it’ll set off an alarm on you wallet and your phone. Awesome.

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