Day 1 CES Want List

Figured I’d post a list of the stuff I see at CES that I really want, and then see in a few months how much I still have interest in.
Syabas PopBox HD
This thing has the Anime provider that can legally stream Japanese Naruto episodes in the US. In HD. I already subscribe to it on their website, I’d love an easy way to watch it on my TV. Also streams Revision3 and Netflix and other goodies.
Boxee Box
Apparently also has the anime provider and Revision3, so this may be an option. There’s also a good chance that TWiT could end up there too (Boxee’s current twit interface is flash fan rips).
Ford Fusion
TWiT’s interview with Ford’s CEO
Yeah, I know, it’s not a car show, yet all the coverage of Ford Sync and how cool it is and how it has an SDK now makes me want all that cool fun in my car.
Yurtopia Yurbuds
Okay so this isn’t really a want at this point since I just got done putting in my order. Custom fit ear bud covers that make them stay in your ear even while exercising as well as feeling more comfortable. All for only 20$. I love the functionality of my Apple ear buds with my iPhone, but they get uncomfortable when worn for hours and fall out if I’m doing any sort of heavy activity, so this looks to be just what I need. Right now you take a picture of your ear and upload it and they send you the covers, but they’re releasing an iPhone app this month that’ll do the whole sizing process for you. Very clever.

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