Customer Trip Day 1

So I’m out in California to help support one of my customers from work. Kaiser Permanente. Their server team is in Walnut Creek, CA. Which is like literally a hop skip and jump from San Francisco.
I landed in San Fran, drop up to Oakland, and continued to Walnut Creek. I didn’t even get lost on the freeway, which is a big deal for me. I had been tempted to get the $10/day GPS system in the rental car, but am glad I was able to save some money and use a map instead. Of course, once I got to Walnut Creek and called my contact here for directions, it was a different story. I must have made every wrong turn possible. Residential streets hate me. The only good thing is that I can at least keep my bearings and get back to where I started so I can try again.
Eventually I got there, and worked for like four more hours. Now, this is after getting up at 4:50 AM to make a 6:50 AM flight…central time. That’s right, I went back in time and bascially worked 2 extra hours in a day that started 2.5 hours early. Yay. 😉
Anyway, I was able to get online in the hotel room and play games with my friends, so that was fun. Too bad I was falling asleep while doing it. Leave it to California to make you tired at 10:30 PM. Ah well, I’m rested and much better today (except I keep clenching my teeth, and crossing my eyes when I close them, no idea why, it’s actually been going on for a while). So hopefully today will be more fun.

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