Christmas list

So here’s my struggle for the day: The Christmas List. It’s late September and my parents want a Christmas list. *Sigh* I of course can’t think of anything I need. Except clothes. Man, I am old. Clothes, how unacceptable that would have been when I was younger. Oh well. Here’s my ongoing list:
Socks (my goodness am I old)
.Hack infection
.Hack soundtrack
CD/MP3 player
wireless headphones (i’m stretching here…)
Automatic Litterbox from Walmart
Nintendo Gamecube w/Game Boy player
And yeah, if you have better ideas, post a comment.
In other news, my speakers have sounded off balance for the past couple days. I couldn’t figure it out and I was doing weird things like adjusting the volume of the right releative to that of the left (yeah it’s an option in WinXP). Then today I see that the normal balance slider wasn’t centered….I promptly slapped myself.

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