Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So I went to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that opened tonight.
Now, people were expecting bad things for one main reason:
1) It doesn’t have Gene Wilder.
I want to tell you that people are correct about this point, but that in no means makes this movie bad in any way.
The film is hilarious. The effects are eccentric without being too weird (something I was concerned about with Burton involved). The music is great. The plot is different from the first movie (no, not exceedingly so, but definitely different in many areas). I enjoyed it very very much. Depp once again comes through and does a wonderful performance. Yes, he looks like an idiot in the previews, but on screen and in context, Wonka is a wonderful funny character. So, overall, the movie was great, and you should go see it. Even if you just want to look at it as a parody of the first film, you will enjoy it. Go check it out.
Now, for the million dollar question. Depp vs. Wilder.
The answer is, quite expectedly, Gene Wilder. He plays a more sagely, lovable Wonka, and he will always be the way I think of Wonka. This is not to say Depp’s is inferior, but it is a different character, and if I have to pick characters, I’d go with Wilder’s Wonka.
I have heard Wilder won’t go to see the new movie. I do think that’s a mistake, for it is a great experience, and definitely worth seeing. Yes, it’s different, but that’s a good thing. We don’t have to pick one movie or the other, we can enjoy them both. Kind of like a musical revival. The new version is updated, but the original is still classic and always will be looked up to by children and adults everywhere.

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