Birthday Blogging

It was my birthday today.
After a small gathering last night for some Carcasonne and Boom Blox Blast Party with really heavy Chocolate Cake from Costco, I brought in colossal Costco cupcakes to work for people to munch on.
Colossal Costco Cupcakes
“Woah” is the proper response, or at least the one I heard all day today. Have plenty left over for tomorrow too…
Glad I did my EA Sports Active this morning.
The presents:
1 Sonoma shirt outfit combo thing from sister, very snazzy, I like when others dress me since I suck at it.
1 100$ gift card to Younkers/Boston Store. Very nice, though since I’m bad at dressing me, I will have to take my Mom’s advice and buy “some sandals and shorts.”
and finally…
1 Phone call from my parents at The Cheesecake Factory in Omaha, NE to me at my house in Madison, WI telling me they were ordering Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake to celebrate my birthday.
Grrrr, so jealous.

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