Pretty Blog

If you haven’t notice (and I know you haven’t since nobody reads this yet), I made my blog look pretty yesterday. I had an error and other fun stuff. But now there is happy stylesheet action! Hooray!
In other news, today was the 1st of the month and that, of course, means….cat medicine! For those who don’t know, cat medicine is an interesting experience. On the one hand you have these nice meaty looking treats that your cats love an eat easily, no work for you. On the other hand you have the flea/tick treatment (Frontline in my case). This is a neurotoxin that you apply to their skin. Okay, the problems with this are:
1. You have to get you cat to sit still while you spread some hair apart between their shoulder blades and squirt liquid onto their skin….Sophe just doesn’t stand for that. So you end up resorting to holding them by the scruff of their neck and that pretty much immobilizes them enough to get it on…
2. It’s a freakin’ neurotoxin! If it works on the bugs, why wouldn’t it work on your cat? That’s why it’s put between their should blades, so it isn’t licked off and stuff. You are specifically told not to let them lick it off…which isn’t the easiest thing to do when you have to stop them for a whole day…And to top it all off, there are lawsuits and allegations and all that about how people’s pets now have neurological disorders or have died and whatnot. All you want to do is keep your pet flea free…not sentence it to nervous system collapse.
Anyway, that’s today. Think I’ll do some budgeting (it’s Payday!!) and catch up on some reading. Later.

I win!

Okay so I’ve been doing the Fantasy Baseball thing this year. I have to say, one of my leagues just had the best draft ever. Using my roommates prerankings (that didn’t work out so well for him…) I got the following team:

Christmas list

So here’s my struggle for the day: The Christmas List. It’s late September and my parents want a Christmas list. *Sigh* I of course can’t think of anything I need. Except clothes. Man, I am old. Clothes, how unacceptable that would have been when I was younger. Oh well. Here’s my ongoing list:
Socks (my goodness am I old)
.Hack infection
.Hack soundtrack
CD/MP3 player
wireless headphones (i’m stretching here…)
Automatic Litterbox from Walmart
Nintendo Gamecube w/Game Boy player
And yeah, if you have better ideas, post a comment.
In other news, my speakers have sounded off balance for the past couple days. I couldn’t figure it out and I was doing weird things like adjusting the volume of the right releative to that of the left (yeah it’s an option in WinXP). Then today I see that the normal balance slider wasn’t centered….I promptly slapped myself.

First Entry!!

Hello, I’m Chris Privitere, aka sabin1001 on IRC and at I recently picked up this website domain due to:
1) A great deal at
2) Disatisfaction with my email host, prompting me to run my own.
So of course the natural thing to do with a website that has no content or even vision for future content is to put up a blog, hence what you’re reading.
So yeah, welcome and I hope to get some interesting stuff up here soon. Until then, keep reading and check out my (and everyone else’s) work at