Atomic Watch

So, my watch has been consistently going blank, necessitating opening it up and pressing a button to reset it. That combined with its strap breaking this week told me it was time to get a new watch.
A normal person would just go into Walmart, see a watched that looked neat, and buy it. But not me, oh no. 1.5 hours of small talking with the sales person, looking at 4 timex models (including ones that sync to your computer over usb, have both analog and digital displays on the same watch, sync to an atomic clock, and have a built in digital compass) and two casio models (did you know they have one that recharges its battery from the sun?). I finally gave the OK to a watch however, which is good for me, as this sort of shopping trip usually results in me going home and heading back the next day to buy the watch I liked the first day but didn’t have the guts to commit to.
Anyway, I settled on Casio’s version of the atomic watch since its interface was a lot better than the Timex one. On a side note, this decision would have been simpler if Timex’s atomic clock watch had a better interface as half of my debate was over breaking my brand loyalty to Timex. A word of warning to anyone who wants one of these atomic watches, make sure you realize it doesn’t just stay in sync all the time in a simple way, no, not unless you’re in an area that gets a very good reception of the atomic clock signal.
That signal by, the way, is broadcast out of Colorado over a radius of 2000 miles. Yes, that’s a single transmitter, hence interference from any other electrical sources or large metal buildings or whatever is definitely an issue here.
So, after some trial and error, I finally got my watch to sync up by propping it next to my window, hitting the receive button, and not touching it for 5 minutes. Sometimes, I have to wonder if gadgets are really worth all the trouble we go through to make them work like they’re supposed to. Anyway, I’m synced now, and I have, seeing my watch and computer being perfectly really does make me giggle in an excited kid with a toy sort of way.
I’m a geek.

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