Atlanta Thunderstorms

Quick update, was in Atlanta, Georgia (well technically Duluth, but everyone assumes that’s Minnesota) this past week for a training class. Class went well (was for doing performance analysis and troubleshooting of an EMC Symmetrix disk array), but the flight back on Thursday did not.
I had to wait like 4 hours at the airport due to the class being over basically half a day early. That was fine, I caught up on some podcasts and videos on my iPhone. Yay iPhone. So I finally get to leave at 8:55 and we fly to Milwaukee where we come upon some thunderstorms. That was the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced. It was very scary and we had to attempt to land three times before we finally did. Apparently wind shear is bad. Oh but the worst was not over.
Then we (me and the others going to Madison) have to wait over an hour for the flight to Madison due to continuing thunderstorms and lightning keeping the planes on the ground. Okay…no problem, I can wait, more iPhone. Finally get on the plane and off the ground and fly the 16 minutes it takes to get to Madison…and then we hit the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced. Yes, this flight one-upped the previous one. It was sickening and even scarier. Then the pilot comes on, Madison is surrounded by storms and we’re returning to Milwaukee.
More turbulence and we land. No details on what’s next, we deplane to find details at the counter. But thank goodness, someone had a good idea, they arranged a bus and set us up to drive back to Madison (only like an hour and twenty minutes, so really the best option at this point). So I arrive to the airport and wearily walk to my car since it’s 2:30 AM at this point.
The battery was dead.
One jump start from a parking lot worker and i get home at like 3:30 AM and pass out and have to take a sick day due to exhaustion and allergies.
It was not a good day.

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