Advent Children Delay

So yeah, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children should have come out this week, but it didn’t. Don’t know why, but it’s been delayed till like November.
Honestly, unlike everyone else who are going with Ludicrous Speed to torrent sites to get it, I really don’t feel a need to. This isn’t some long running serial I need to see the end of. This isn’t some conversion of one of the best books/games/whatever to film. All it is, is a CG follow up to Final Fantasy VII. A game, which, honestly, sucks in mosts respects. It’s got some fun parts, and good memories here and there, but there’s nothing I can point to it and say “look at FFVII, it was a great example of X.” It’s a jumble of uninterpretable plot and poor translation combined with at the time new graphics and CG cutscenes.
That said, FFVII AC’s trailers and all look great, and the reviews from everyone is that FFVII AC rocks. And I’m looking forward to a fun Computer Graphics experience (ironic that basically we’re watching this movie for the graphics when most “hard core” RPGers harshly critique anyone who asserts graphics as a feature of RPGs…then again FFVII’s graphics were what attracted a lot of people to it and the RPG genre) with good fight scenes.
Oh well, in a couple months all the interest will die down and the movie will come out and everyone’s who has pirated has assured me they’ll buy it. As an aside, I have no idea why, are they really looking forward to the English dub? Or is it just because the ripped version doesn’t have surround sound. Maybe it’s to somehow justify pirating it now. Anyway, Advent Children, my sound system and I will see you in a couple months. Till then, I’ll continue with the 8000 other books/games/real life activities I can do.

3 thoughts on “Advent Children Delay”

  1. ure the first person i have ever herd say finalfantasy7 sucked so u dont know what u talkin about till this day it is considered the best of all the finalfantasy’s and many have wished for it to be recreated on the ps2 or ps3 especial when that video came out at e3 this year. the reviews for that game were greta back then and game writers still say good things about the game when itt is mentioned the story was great,the characters were great and this game really kept you at the edge of ure seat wondering what was gonna happen next in the story.

  2. i guess thats your only comeback since you know im right lol i understand man it’s ok when someone puts “u” its just to be quick thats why alot of people just put “u”

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