ADD Meds

Well today was the day. I got my ADD meds today. The doctor decided to start me on Ritalin as that’s the one they know most about and it’s best to see if that’ll work before trying a new type of medication.
So I took my first pill, and have no idea if it worked or not. Now they did start me on the lowest dosage, and I did feel weird and lightheaded today. I also felt calm throughout my body, so I don’t know if that was something too. I don’t know what I expected though…something more seeing as it’s a stimulant. Oh well, I’ll keep trying it and then follow up with my doctor after a couple weeks to see if we should change the dosage.
Whatever effects I got, I think they started wearing off at 3, as judged by how I felt and how I started getting more distracted I think.
So yeah, mixed results as of yet.

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