Ack, long time no post

Eek, I need to post more. So um…what to talk about first.
Um…I got a new camera, a new bookshelf, and the new Sonic Game for Wii. My roommate’s parents are in town this weekend. I’m replaying FFVI since it was re-released on the Game Boy Advanced. There’s an insane blizzard going on tonight. 6-10″ tonight, after a few inches last night, and 2-4 tomorrow morning.
Sonic is rather fun, surprisingly. It has some difficult and frustrating moments. But there is a great sense of speed and fun since you’re rocketing around the levels. The controls could definitely use some tweaking, but hopefully that’ll get perfected in a sequel or something. The plot, however, is awful, good thing it’s not important. They could stand to go back to a simple silent Sonic going after Dr. Eggman. This is the first Sonic title I’ve picked up since Sonic & Knuckles so I can’t compare it to the other 3D Sonics, but this is the first one with decent enough reviews to seem to be worth picking up at all.
Here’s a picture of my bookcase, taken with my new camera (two birds in one stone!).

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