Thank you Jim Mathies

Jim Mathies has fixed the NTLM problems with Firefox in 3.6beta 5! He puts it best:
# patch posted for general purpose use of windows ntlm sspi vs. our internal implementation (blocker bug 520607).
# from ^^ testing, found a bug in our NTLM handling (5 years old!) that’s been causing authorization problems for users. fix integrated in with patch in bug 520607.
Yeah, 5 years of not so good ntlm that culminated in Firefox not working right with NTLM and IIS7 websites. But despair no more! For it seems fixed! Rejoice all who grew weary of re-entering credentials every time.
Now, if only we could figure out how to get people to look into NTLM issues (for which there were multiple bug cases opened) in the future without having to wait 5 years.
Either way, thanks Jim, you’ve made corporate Firefox users around the world very very happy.
UPDATE: The full version of Firefox 3.6 is out! Get it here