EA Sports Active Continues

Another day another workout. I slacked off a bit there for E3 and the couple weeks afterwards, getting only a handful of workouts in. but I’m back in full force now.
I have a new enemy too, Squats with calf raises. They really take it out of my upper legs. But I trust that they too will get easier with time. And no, Jumping Lunges are not “easy” now, though I can get through one set of them at least.
Time for shower.

Birthday Blogging

It was my birthday today.
After a small gathering last night for some Carcasonne and Boom Blox Blast Party with really heavy Chocolate Cake from Costco, I brought in colossal Costco cupcakes to work for people to munch on.
Colossal Costco Cupcakes
“Woah” is the proper response, or at least the one I heard all day today. Have plenty left over for tomorrow too…
Glad I did my EA Sports Active this morning.
The presents:
1 Sonoma shirt outfit combo thing from sister, very snazzy, I like when others dress me since I suck at it.
1 100$ gift card to Younkers/Boston Store. Very nice, though since I’m bad at dressing me, I will have to take my Mom’s advice and buy “some sandals and shorts.”
and finally…
1 Phone call from my parents at The Cheesecake Factory in Omaha, NE to me at my house in Madison, WI telling me they were ordering Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake to celebrate my birthday.
Grrrr, so jealous.


Okay this is sweet. I just found out my picture gallery supports Cooliris (formerly Piclens). Go to http://www.cooliris.com/. Install the plugin and restart firefox/IE/Safari. Then go to one of my photo albums at http://gallery.figarocastle.org, like this one. Then either click “view slideshow” on the left of the page or hover over a thumbnail till you get the arrow icon to pop up and click that. Voila, pretty sweet.
Slow computers may not like it so much.

E3 2009 and EA Sports Active Day "19"

So it claims I’m on day 19, but that’s not entirely true since I just had a week away for E3 2009! Look at all that stuff we posted. I am especially proud of this video. Mikel will never forgive me for getting it.
Anyway, back to my workouts. it’s good to be back in the saddle again. And it doesn’t seem like I lost too much by missing a week. My weight hasn’t gone up any, and I was able to finish everything today. Though I must say, the game must have been upset I was gone, as it gave me more of those evil squat jumps today. I struggled through them, and the game thinks I completed them. I think it was one of the sloppiest attempts at squat jumps that has likely ever been attempted on this planet…but at least I didn’t skip the exercise this time.
Other than that, this weekend has been about publishing a glut of stuff on RPGamer that I got from E3. Videos, impressions, podcast wrap-up, all that. Please do check it out and let me know if it was any good. 🙂
I’m also completely off schedule and way overslept for church today, silly time zones. Oh well, time to get a healthy lunch and scan through a bunch of that E3 coverage I DVR’d off of G4 this past week.
Oh! I also need to watch some of the Conan O’Brien episodes from this past week. Was his debut good?