EA Sports Day 5

I tried a high intensity work out today. I believe I may have been pusing a bit too hard in it. I finally had to skip exercises. They had these jumping squats which were rather intense, but then they followed it up with something that seemed downright dangerous–the jumping lunge.
In the jumping lunge you put a foot in front of you and kneel forward, your front leg is making a nice right angle with the floor and your rear shin is nearly parallel to the floor. Your front foot is flat and the rear foot is on the ball of the foot. Fine, just a normal lunge, right? Then you are supposed to jump into air from this position, switch your legs and land with the other foot forward, completing a crouch back into the original lunge position. Only now your legs are opposite they way you started. Oh and do it slowly to help work the muscles.
Yeah, I don’t know how to land that slowly, or even safely. I tried like four of them and felt like my leg muscles were going to end up getting ripped off of my bones. Not to mention the game was complaining that I was doing it too fast, even when I waited for the little animated guy before doing it, apparently I needed to control my landing and do it slower. No idea how that’s supposed to work.
So I skipped the jumping lunges, and am going to go back down to a medium intensity workout next time.
Other than that, I’m still really enjoying doing the workouts. I really hope this continues. 🙂
Oh and I’m now wondering if anyone at EA actually tried wearing the strap and completing a workout. I cannot understand how it can stay on for anybody at this point, I have it fall off 3 or 4 times a session.

EA Sports Active Day 2

Yes, there’s no day 1 cause I didn’t think to do this until day two.
First off, I’ve been twittering a lot, as it’s faster, easier, and less time consuming than bloggin, so most of my updates can be found at http://www.twitter.com/sabin1001. You can watch what I”m doing without having an account, though it’s much more fun to join in and post as well. I’ll spare you by not reposting tweets on my blog as I’m not sure of anyone who actually likes to see those.
So onto the Wii, on Tuesday Nintendo made out rather well from me. I picked up Big Bang Mini (a shoot ’em up for the DS), Punch Out! (I’m a minor circuit champion!) for the Wii, a Wii Fit, and EA Sports Active. While the first two games are fun, I’m most excited about Active, as it’s my new plan to lose some weight. I was down to ~170lbs after an initial cholesterol scare in 2004, but now I’m back up to 220, so I need to cut some weight again and this looks like a better way to do it than DDR.
I’m done with the first two days where I burned around 500 calories in the two “medium intensity” (I’m really scared to try the high intensity option) workouts I’ve had so far. And I hurt all over, especially my legs. They burnses, they do. SIlly fat hobbit legs…okay so maybe gollum isn’t the best workout motivator but still.
Mikel tells me I should work out in the evenings too to help loosen up the muscles. I just wish the game would affirm that as well, as I was kind of hoping it’d be taking the full on “I’m your personal trainer” roll. Nevertheless, I will definitely keep going with this, it’s fun, I know it’s working cause of all the sweat, and most importantly–it has me doing excercise. Hard to have a more successful fitness product than the one that actually gets you to do work. More posts to come.
Oh, and if anyone else who has the game can figure out what I need to do to make it recognize lunges with my left leg better (like…at all) and get the strap to stay on my right leg better, please let me know.