Seattle Trip 2008 Post 2

Okay yesterday we hit up the fair again, this time to see Weird Al. It was awesome, of course. It was raining during the entire concert (the concert was in an outdoor grandstand), and it completely didn’t matter.
I was surprised at one part, usually the Star Wars songs come at the end, I thought. They make up a great encore. But not this time, they were in the middle. At the end was Albuquerque. All like 11 minutes of it, with two minutes extra in the middle there where Al came up with new donut flavors. You have to know the song to understand…
Anyway, that was yesterday. Today we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant that we found last year. Nishino. We had the Exclusive Omakase. Oh. My. Gosh. A flavor explosion. For 75$ (you can get the normal omakase for 60$, but I mean come on, this was exclusive) they put together an 8 course meal for you consisting of the chef’s choice from all over the menu. It was fantastic.
Mikel and I’s favorite was the Miso marinated black broiled cod. It was like butter. So tender, so juicy, so wonderful. Honorable mention goes to the succulent salmon in the sashimi salad and the ice cream thing that I can’t describe.
Tomorrow the food adventure continues. A couple days ago we hit up Kidd Valley for a good burger, and tomorrow we’ll compare that to Red Mill. Yummy burgers for the win.

Seattle Trip 2008 Post 1

I’m vacationing in Seattle again this year. Spending a week with Mikel (Firemyst) before going to PAX.
I arrived on Saturday evening and after a good night’s sleep we headed out to the Evergreen State Fair (named after Washington being the Evergreen State, it’s not actually the State Fair—I know, confusing).
Blah blah blah, fair, booths, vendors, rides, good food. Here’s the pics. LOOK AT THE CUTE CHILD. HER NAME IS VIVIAN AND SHE WILL RUN THIS WORLD.

That One Just Won't Die

Those of you who interact with me on a regular basis know I’ve been battling with Persona 3 for…a long time. This game has been not ending and not ending and still going and getting put off and getting picked up and so on since like at least last September if not earlier. So it makes me quite happy to announce, that finally.
Persona 3 is completed.
Now, I just have to get through “The Answer” expansion disc….it’s never going to end.
Oh and no, I have no interest at this time in the upcoming Persona 4. No more > 100 hour RPGs for me. I have better things to do.