E3 2008

Just a quick update to folks that I’m out at E3 2008 all this week. I’m putting up podcasts almost every day, so you can check for those here: http://www.rpgamer.com/rpgcast
So many games, so many appointments, so much to post. 🙂 That said, I’m really having fun using my new Nikon D60 and Zoom H4 to pick up pictures and audio to post. It’s a great time and I hope everyone is enjoying RPGamer’s coverage.

iPhone 3G Line

So I got up early this morning so I could wait in a line. Yes, the line for the iPhone 3G. So yeah, I got one, white 16GB. Everyone else seemed to want the black one, so I got the white just to stand out that much more.
Anyway, figured I live in freaking Madison, WI, so while there are surely some iPhone fanatics, it wouldn’t be something I have to worry about. So I set my alarm for 6:30 am, showered and drove down to the mall to get in line. I was probably behind like a hundred people or something when I arrived near 7:00AM. Whatever, we waited and had fun talking about apple and iphones and stuff till 8 AM when the doors open and they slowly started taking people into the store.
And then took more people in.
And then took more in.
Half an hour later, no one had left the store yet…Eventually the first guy came out and it was clear something was wrong. The iTunes activation servers were not working. Ouch. But that wasn’t all, the AT&T activation purchasing servers, where they set your plan and sign you up for a contract before checking you out, were going abysmally slow. Eventually, they had to give upon the iTunes activation and just tell people to activate the phone at home. But even so, the AT&T/purchasing part of the process was still taking over 20 minutes per person… and that was only after they decided what they wanted and got their credit checked if they were a new account. So I got to wait and wait and wait until around 10:30AM, when I was finally able to get into the store.
Of course, around that exact moment, the AT&T servers started working properly again, and the iTunes activation started working again. So the guy who checked me out praised me for being the fastest guy to get through the process so far (it helped that I had a current iPhone, apparently upgrading from one iPhone to the other is a simpler process), I was done in like 10 minutes.
I felt bad for being so late for work, but by the time it was clear I’d be late, there were a couple hundred people behind me in line, so I knew I either had to tough it out or wait until sometime next week for a new shipment of phones to arrive… So far, everyone at work has been pretty understanding. But if someone isn’t, I’ll just have to flash the new phone at them and hope it distracts them long enough to change the topic.