Oh hay, iz my Mac

Okay, so I went to my appointment with the “genius.” And I have to say that it was actually a good customer service experience. While I can’t seriously vouch for his status as a genius given the 10 minutes I interacted with him, the guy who helped me was certainly competent and understood exactly what I explained to him, tried his own power adapter on my laptop, and exchanged my adapter for a new one with no problems, hiccups, or attempts to upsell anything. So I got to walk out with everything working properly and, lest anyone think that the Apple Store’s “spend money now” field wasn’t working properly, I picked up a copy of Logic Express 8 to use for my podcast.
So yeah, while I think having to set up appointments is still pretentious and silly, it went well and I can say that my Apple support experience thus far is positive. Yay. *hugs his Macbook*

I has a Mac…Hay they be takin my Mac!

So a couple weeks ago Apple upgraded the processor and video card a little bit in their Macbook Pro line of laptops. I had been thinking about buying a mac for some time and this was the exact event I had set the line of “when X happens, I will buy” for. So…I picked up a new Macbook Pro with 2.5GHz, 512MB nvidia 8600GT card and blah blah blah.
Man I love the thing. OSX is fun to play with, the audio stuff has been awesome for the podcast I record each week (plug: http://www.rpgamer.com/rpgcast/rpgcast_archive.html), and it seems to run World of Warcraft and Sword of the New World better than my desktop. Which of course
means I’ll be upgrading that soon too.
Anyway, this is all well and good, except yesterday my battery stopped charging. The laptop would run fine plugged in, but the battery would not charge, no matter what I tried and trust me I tried everything. The final test was the cycle the battery by decharging it completely, waiting five minutes, and trying to charge it again. That resulted in the laptop not even booting up.
So off I went to the Apple Store, where they’re supposed to have good customer support or something. Well it was “or something” as they made me make an appointment to come back today at 6PM. Yes, you need an appointment to talk over even a simple support issue that could be resolved in five minutes. Unless of course, you have extra money to spend on this: http://www.apple.com/retail/procare/ . Yes, apple has commoditized basic customer service. Guess Radio Shack still has a reason to be around, as they’d be more helpful than the Apple Store would be if you really needed something done today.
Oh well, I made my appointment and went home, where my roommate helped. He is also a Macbook Pro owner and let me try his power adapter. That was all it took to get the battery charging again. So I guess I get to go in at 6PM tonight and tell them my power adapter is busted. Wonder how long the “geniuses” will take to believe me. I guess it’s still better than calling India for support.