Rock Band Sadness

I was at Best Buy earlier, and I was sad to see this:
It’s been looking like like pretty much for the last few weeks. I really thought the sales would be too heavy to permit a pile like this. Guess I was wrong or people aren’t finding out about Rock Band’s awesomeness. Or the 170$ has something to do with it. 🙂

Wireless Connectivity

So my router stopped working right. Specifically, it stopped doing the wireless thing at all, forcing me and my roommate to be cabled there for a while. Which, in this day and age, for a couple of geeks is completely unacceptable. Hence, say hello to my new router. 🙂
My old router was awesome, it was able to handle three roommates hammering on it with multiple machines, wireless devices, and game consoles. I don’t know why it just stopped working right, but it lasted two years and the warranty was only one, so I had no choice but to plunk down the hefty cash again and pick up the next revision of that router line in order to get the joy of not worrying about my network once again.
Anyway, here’s a picture of new router, doesn’t it look impressive? I have to wonder if the three antennas really help. They certainly look cool, and I am getting better signal upstairs…so I guess it’s a success.

Gamespot scandal

So, to my friends who have been following the scandal about the firing of the Gamespot reviewer following a poor review of a game…I highly suggest listening to this week’s Gamespot HotSpot podcast. They do a very good job of being open and talking about the issues. Long story short, everything they say is very feasible and believable, especially if you’ve had experience dealing with upper management that is very detached and poor at realizing the consequences of their decisions. Here’s the podcast:
I have to believe them given that I have seen this happen at my current job very recently, and this has basically been handled in the same poor way.