Kung Fu Megaman Video Thing

This is just for those who like weird video game related youtube videos. This one is awesome and incorporates a lot of elements from other video game youtube things into a glorious 8 minutes. (Thanks gonk, you always find the best stuff)

In other news, those who need to buy Christmas stuff for me can find my Amazon list here:
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Ftp space

Still looking for a good solution to simplify photo management so that I end up with full-resolution photos backed up on a site, but still linkable so I can use them in blog posts or forum posts or whatever, all while being easy to upload to from any pc or even, dare I say it, iPhone…but anyway.
I decided that I’m sorely under utilizing my ftp space. I have an account with Dreamhost that I’ve had for a long while now (actually, they have a 10 year birthday sale now, get insane gobs of space for cheap, use my link to sign up 🙂 ), and they just continuously increase your storage and bandwidth limits with them every month. Anyway, so I have 642GB of storage with them…that’s a lot more than I’ll ever need for web stuff. So I’m now uploading backups to them to have an offsite copy stored. I started with my music…especially all those iTunes and Amazon downloads that you’re supposed to back up due to not being able to easily get replacements if you ever lose them.
I played with rsync for hours this morning, but I finally have it working and it’s a pretty decent solution. Though if you’re not technical enough to figure out how to patch .dll files to enable Unicode text, you may just want to stick with a simple ftp program and use that to upload the files you want to protect instead. Very easy, very cool, just takes forever…even with 1Mbps upload speeds. Oh how I wish FIOS was available here. Good thing is I’m the only one here on Thanksgiving, so I can just let stuff upload and not worry about killing everyone’s bandwidth as they’re not using it.
Anyway, my cornish hen is done, time to go start the pie and stuffing and get eating.

Chocobo Roundup

So here’s a more general version of the question my last post. What do you do for uploading photos to share to others? What’s your “process.” What do you do to make it easy and fast, or does it just take forever and suck? Do you use flickr? Gallery? Picasa? Something else?
Anyway, I got my Chocobos from Square Enix today, here they are as they traveled, looks uncomfortable:

And here’s all my ducks in a row. 🙂

And again, minus plastic.

Too Many Games

Lots of my friends are doing this blog every day thing for November…yeah, I have issues blogging every month let alone every day. So we’ll just say that’s not something that’ll ever happen, but it has guilted me into putting a post up. 🙂
There are too many games out, and they’re all good. It’s too much to handle, this is the primary reason I’m not posting much. Perhaps if I were to adopt usage of a quick updating type thing like twitter, jaiku, pownce, or tumblr…but alas, it just seems that no one else I interact with online is interested in using any of those services, so they are all relegated into ways to follow interesting web personalities.
But yeah, too many good games. Far too many. With more to come. Not to mention a couple good ones I’ve skipped for now. Seriously, I’m already dealing with a stack of games that could take a year of spare time or more to finish, and in the past few weeks, I’ve like doubled that. There’s simply no alternative but to quit my job and game full time. 🙂
Seriously though, my involvement in the Games Industry has obviously increased in the past year or two. Especially now that I’m hosting a podcast. It does make me hope that some day I can get more involved with it all and fund myself completely by that which obviously earns more of my attention and feels a lot better to be involved with than simple UNIX administration and Storage Networking. But for now, my real job pays money, and RPGamer is volunteer work, so I think I’ll get back to getting some work done for the company that pays my bills and keeps my gaming habit from putting me in debt. 🙂
Later, and I still say that one day I’ll get all those E3, PAX, and GDC photos uploaded…somehow. I really wish there was a way to make a gallery installation that you manage yourself as cool and slick looking, and as fun to work with as a Google Photos or Flickr account. Running my own photo gallery lets me have no limits on photo sizes or quantity, and well I have control over it all, rather than trusting google or flickr to keep everything around forever. So I’d really like to stick with them. So, let me open this up, can anyone give me an easy way to upload and synchronize photos for gallery? And no, the stupid gallery java applet thing doesn’t count. And here’s the bonus question…an easy way to upload photos to my gallery account from my iPhone. 😡 Yeah, I know, that’s why it’s the bonus question.