OMG Freezepop

This morning, we rode the ducks. We had portable quackers, we used them a lot to quack along with music and annoy people in Seattle, it was fantastic.
This afternoon, we went to PAX. We played games, we saw games, we watched games, we got swag. Sweet.
This evening, we went to The OneUps and Freezepop. Holy crap, wow, weee, I don’t have enough descriptive phrases. Heard one of Freezepop’s new songs that’ll be in Rock Band, it’ll be fun. The crowd was the largest they had ever played for, and it was clear they were overwhelmed and very thankful. 😀
Awesome day, really really fun, and the concerts were insanely awesome.
Tired, sleepy, more fun tomorrow, pictures and videos of duck tour and concerts pending.

Seattle Continued

This morning we went to the Pike Place market and we got to see the flying fish. When people purchase large fish they get tossed to the guys behind the counter for packaging, makes a nice show. Then we walked around the other stores of the market and returned home.
Mikel, Erin, and Vivian are out at a party which leaves me alone with the cats, and so I chose to finish up work on my blog. I have all the pieces upgraded to MovableType 4.0 and even turned on some fun dynamic publish settings so that the whole thing is a bit snappier on the back-end. If anyone’s wondering, having 14723 spam comments sitting around in your database makes entry publishing very very slow, as well as consume a lot of memory (and subsequently cause your webhost to kill the process). The solution? Delete all those old comments marked as spam, all better now.

Seattle, Ho!

So, if anyone’s wondering, I’ve been in Seattle the past four days, visiting my friend, Mikel. He’s been kind enough to host me while I’m here. We’ve been doing fun things like going to the aquarium, the Experience Music Project, and tomorrow will go to the PIke Place fish market.
All of this will culminate this weekend with the Penny Arcade Expo, where we’ll get to do lots of gaming and geeky type stuff.
Also, Mikel and his wife Erin have a very cute kid, Vivian. See a movie of her here:
Finally, if you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my blog theme yet again. This is due to my upgrading to Movable Type 4.0, which has required me to completely redesign the blog with new templates, so I just picked an appropriate Seattle based theme from the automatic theme thing they have now and there we are.
Still have some more work to do with the sidebar, but other than just taking a long time and some out of memory errors, the move to MovableType 4 hasn’t been too bad.

Steam Community

Okay, so Steam has gone and done what Microsoft has been promising for ever and hasn’t really delivered yet.
This is like Live gaming on the Xbox only free and without achievements. But you do get to see what you’re friends are up to and all that good social stuff that keeps you easily connected. I think it’ll be pretty cool.
So any of my friends out there have Steam? Sign up and send me a friend invite. My steam handle is sabin1001 and my steam community page is here: