Champion of the Web

So click on the link below, download the 4/26/2007 podcast and listen to the first 2.5 minutes. They do this thing they call Heroes of the Web where they read message board postings that are rather…interesting, and do it in fun voices. It’s good fun, and this is one that is even better than most, elevated further by musical accompaniment.
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It finally happened

So I’ve been using since January or so to filter my email for spam. I assert it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made as far as email goes. I didn’t realize how much better my email experience would be and how much more likely I would be to even check my email when there was no longer spam in the equation. I know I could possibly just turn on really restrictive spamassassin filtering and maintain my own whitelist, but having a commercial service do it for me, with pretty summary emails about what was blocked and and easy to use reporting interface for false positives is just so much easier. My email feels like mine email again, instead of a cockroach nest I have to dig through.
Anyway so far I haven’t had any problems beyond many random newsletters getting falsely identified as spam, causing me to have to whitelist them, at which point they come through fine.
That is, until today. Yes, I must regretfully admit that today, the first piece of spam got through onlymyemail’s filters. Ruining it’s100% performance record over the past 4 months.
Here’s a pic of the email it failed on:

The “you need a rest break” thing is from a product called Workrave that I use to force myself to take rest breaks from typing for my carpal tunnel and RSI. It’s really nice too.

Orka Veer

So I was watching DL.TV last week, and a commercial for PC Magazine came on, with some really cool 8-bit inspired music. I emailed them and they let me know who made it, an artist who goes by the name Orka Veer. He’s got a Myspace site here:
Also, all his music can be obtained from his main site:
I would highly recommend going there and downloading ‘Steffy Square Synth’ the song from the commercial I mentioned.
And well, since many of this blog’s readers are RPG players, I figure you’ll appreciate the following from his main site:
“It all started with a Legend of Zelda videogame entitled, “Ocarina of Time.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, performing music on an instrument called an “ocarina” played a vital role in completing the adventures and quests. I absolutely loved this videogame. Every aspect of its art I considered to be beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring, and motivating. This included the soundtrack. I loved it to the point that I started earing out pieces on the piano and practicing them just so I could perform the songs outside of the videogame. Before I knew it, I was addicted to the piano. I started earing out other music, and I started composing my own simple piano pieces.”
Now, I may not hold Ocarina’s soundtrack as high as he does, but I still think that’s pretty cool.