The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar Beta

I’ve been playing the Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar beta. I have to say that it’s pretty fun so far. My most advanced character is a hobbit currently tied up in important hobbit quests and affairs like fetching pies, playing Hiders and Seekers, and getting fireworks to outdo those shown at Bilbo’s birthday celebration. Yes, the other races have more standard RPG type quests, but why bother with those when you can spend time avoiding Hungry Hobbits trying to steal your pies?
Anyway, one of the better part of the non-hobbit races is that they tend to run into the characters from the books more often, at least in the early stages. Here’s me as a dwarf, watching Gandalf do his thing.
Gandalf vs. Cave Troll
Click on the image to go to the gallery where I have other other famous dwarves from the game, as well as anything else I think to upload.

Ack, long time no post

Eek, I need to post more. So um…what to talk about first.
Um…I got a new camera, a new bookshelf, and the new Sonic Game for Wii. My roommate’s parents are in town this weekend. I’m replaying FFVI since it was re-released on the Game Boy Advanced. There’s an insane blizzard going on tonight. 6-10″ tonight, after a few inches last night, and 2-4 tomorrow morning.
Sonic is rather fun, surprisingly. It has some difficult and frustrating moments. But there is a great sense of speed and fun since you’re rocketing around the levels. The controls could definitely use some tweaking, but hopefully that’ll get perfected in a sequel or something. The plot, however, is awful, good thing it’s not important. They could stand to go back to a simple silent Sonic going after Dr. Eggman. This is the first Sonic title I’ve picked up since Sonic & Knuckles so I can’t compare it to the other 3D Sonics, but this is the first one with decent enough reviews to seem to be worth picking up at all.
Here’s a picture of my bookcase, taken with my new camera (two birds in one stone!).