Anticipation and Disappointment

So…I’ve been looking forward to it since E3 in May of this year. The release of the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children polystone statues. Two great works of art that interlock to make a great conversation piece for video game nerds everywhere.
I ordered mine in June, and have been waiting for six months. Today, they arrived.
I was very excited and began to meticulously photograph the unboxing process. First are two shots of the boxes: front and back. Next, was a shot of the insides to show off the fact that they ship in three pieces that you have to snap together to finish the statue. I carefully put Cloud’s statue together and looked at it in awe, and then went to Sephiroth’s…
And that’s when I noticed it. White stone. I shouldn’t be able to see any white stone on these statues, unless….and alas it was true. The Sephiroth statue’s base was in 3 pieces instead of one. A girder, a large steel something or other, and a pipe had all decided they no longer needed to stay attached to the main base, much to my grief.
I immediately aborted the build process, and reboxed the Sephiroth statues as best I could. Alas, I will have to follow up with to see what they can do for me, if anything.
In the meantime, I have to decide if the two extra statues I bought for Ebaying are worth the risk of unboxing to check on their status before I risk selling broken product. I’m also tempted to just take that Sephiroth statue for my own while I wait for whatever replacement I can line up.
I don’t know if it someone boxed it poorly, if there was some shock it received during the shipping or opening process, but I do know that it’s really bumming me out. All said, whoever thought making statues out of this stone material needs to rethink its durability.
Cloud is keeping me company while I deal with my loss.

Trauma Center

Just played through Trauma Center for the Wii the past few days. It’s a great game. If anyone’s lucky enough to have a Wii, it’s definitely worth playing. Now, to editorialize.
The game has a high frustration factor. I’m convinced they only reason they warn you to put the wrist strap on the remote on is so you don’t through the Wiimote at your television in anger. Triti is evil, and so is deftera (two of the games enemies). Evil Evil Evil. Anyway, assuming your remote survives, you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. And you can turn the difficulty down for any mission without any penalties. A nice feature, that. Only problem now is that it ended in 8 hours or so. Kind of short 🙁 I guess I’ll have to go play the DS version of the game, which this game is a remake of (the Wii version basically skips part of the DS version of the story, but gives you more conclusion).
As for my own medical journeys, the physical therapy I’m going through on my arm seems to be helping, except for how I seem to keep aggravating my carpal tunnel with the Wii Remote. Why does it seem that Nintendo’s systems are the most fun, yet the worst ergonomically? 🙁