Wii Launch

What an adventure today has been. Okay, so not really, but it has been fun.
Mii and my friiend decided to try to get a Wii. We knew Best Buy literally had people camped out, but for some reason as of midnight Toys R Us had nobody. So we decided to get up at 6 am and get in line at Toys R Us.
We sleepily arrived and took positions 8 and 9 in line. An hour later of freezing and the manager informed us they’d have 18 consoles beyond preorders, so we were good. ^^ Just two more hours of waiting and wii were iinside getting controllers, games, and Wiis.
Then it was off to church where we had a really good sermon. Following the service, we went to lunch, as the same friend I waited in line with for the Wii was celebrating his birthday.
Which means we had a party at his house and lots of people were playing Wii sports and loving it. It’s really fun. It really gets you into it and active and moving around. I have to imagine it’s similar to how people had fun when Pong first came out back in the day.
So yeah, I have a Wii, a second remote/nunchuk, a classic controller, Trauma Center, Rayman, and Zelda. Off to play some more now. 🙂 Hopefully the stores will get Component video cables soon.

Rect Winder

Okay, this is something I found on the blog of the guy who made Every Extend. It’s a game called Rect Winder. You can find his post about it here:
You’ll need something that can read a .lzh file. I recommend 7zip.
Also, the Every Extend guy made a patch for the game that makes it less hard. You can see his post here:
So you can download those two pieces…or you can download my version which puts the two together, here:
Anyway, the game is really fun, but really really hard. Enjoy. 🙂
Oh, and it can be beat. There are flash videos here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=omegamega486

Every Extend (Extra)

Just picked up Every Extend Extra for the PSP today, and yeah, it’s fun. What I didn’t expect, however, was to find out that it’s actually based on a free web game by a guy called “Omega”. The original was called “Every Extend.” So obviously the PSP version is that plus “Extra.” You can download Every Extend here.
The author has made many other games, that aren’t as conveniently located on download.com.
Here’s the author’s site.
Here’s the list of games you can download. Just click on the pictures and then um…you’ll have to just figure out where to click on your own. If you’re used to using download sites, you can figure out where you need to click.