XGL is cool

Heard about this on http://dl.tv today. It’s a binary gentoo build that has all the xgl stuff configured and the nvidia/ati drivers with it on a bootable live disk. So all you have to do is boot from the CD and you can start playing with XGL. Really cool stuff.
http://kororaa.org is the distribution, here’s the link to their download page for the xgl live disk: http://kororaa.org/static.php?page=static060318-181203

Gargoyles is back

So we all have those shows that we watched as a kid and were really sad to see go off the air. One of those shows for me was Gargoyles. It was great. Had a continuing plot line, comedy, action, and references to shakespeare mythology all over the place. Pretty awesome for a US made kids cartoon.
Well, imagine my surprise when I found Issue 1 of Gargoyles sitting in the comic store today. I picked it up, and realized it wasn’t just a retelling of the story in comic form, but instead is an official sequel picking up where the series left off! That’s right, the crappy season 3 that aired on ABC is no more, and this picks up after the end of season 2 where the creator left the show and pursued something else (he actually talks about this in the comic if you want to know more).
All I can say is that I really respect this guy for listening to the many many fans who’ve begged for this over the years. And I hope it goes well. I know I’m excited. Yay Gargoyles.
Go buy an issue if you liked the show, and support its return. 🙂

Yay Birthday!

Yeah, today’s my birthday! I haven’t actually gotten anything for it, but I did buy myself a DS Lite earlier this week so I suppose that counts. 🙂
Me and my friends will do a party tomorrow night cause it’s a lot easier to do stuff on Friday night. Looks like dinner out at Biaggi’s and then some Settlers of Catan as well as cake and ice cream! Yum! 🙂
Thanks to all those who’ve wished me well like Paws and _oki on livejournal. 🙂
Man, I’m a quarter of a century old. 😡