Palm Springs Cheesecake and Kitty Teeth

So yeah, that last Day in Palm Springs was good. We ate at Cheesecake factory outdoors near these cool space heater things that made the 50 degree weather feel like 70. The real important thing was dessert, however. Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. Yeah, it was as good as it sounds. Just amazing.
In other news, I had to take my cats in to get a bunch of their teeth removed. Yeah, turns out they just had too many lesions and other problems with them. Oh well, they’re healing up really nice and the vet is very happy about their mouths now. They seem happier too, so it’s good all around. Happy cats!
Finally, I got new bedding. Not junk bedding either. I spend 200$ to get a down comforter, duvet, and 440 thread count sheets. It’s really sweet.
But um, it just started raining golf ball size hail. I’m gonna go stare at it some.