DevCon 2006 Day 2

So, another day in Palm Springs. Still nice here. 🙂 Learned more today at the conference. But the real fun was later in the evening.
Tonight they had a carnival at the conference center. They had lots of little carnival type games like ring tossing and basketball tossing and whatnot. I spent the night rotating through them all till I beat each one, so now I have this small bounty of prizes, mostly stuffed animals. XD Kind of silly and I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, but it’s still fun to walk back to my room with a jester hat and four stuffed animals.
Oh well, I’m getting really exhausted out here, probably not used to the time change yet. I think I’ll hit bed early tonight.

DevCon 2006 Day 1

Today was the first day of Intersystem‘s DevCon 2006. It’s the developers conference for the Database product we use at my work.
Anyway, I won’t go into technical details, other than to say yet again, I’m learning a lot and am glad I came. But the conference is in Rancho Mirage, CA. That’s right next to Palm Springs. In other words, it’s warm! Wisconsin is not. So this makes me happy. And the hotel is fantastic. Nice rooms, nice beds, nice area, with a golf course right out my window. Just fantastic! I forgot my camera though. Oops.
Tonight, some people from Intersystems took us out to dinner (my company is one of their biggest accounts). We went to this place called Pieros Acqua Pazza. They had a ton of just awesome well made dishes, including a lot of seafood. We had fried calamari, crab cakes, creviche, and raw tuna (the best raw fish I’ve ever had, so fresh, no fishy flavor!). Those were just the appetizers. I had sauteed sand dabs for my main course (yeah, it’s a type of fish with a weird name) and they were quite good. The whole meal was fantastic. Which, you would hope so, since the bill came to $288.50 for six people. Glad we weren’t paying. 🙂
Ah well, gotta log on to my work and do some stuff now.


I’ve really been doing a poor job of going to sleep on time lately. Note this post is being done at 1:27AM on Monday morning. I should have gone to bed a couple hours ago… I think it’s cause I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XI a bit more actively. I’ve connected with some new friends in it that have been doing things that I’m interested in, which makes me want to play more. Oh well, hopefully I can scale it back a bit, for as I’ve learned, too much Final Fantasy XI is not a good thing.
Tomorrow night (tonight?) shouldn’t see me playing too much as I have to work really late, most likely. Getting to do a firmware upgrade of all our SAN equipment. Really really “fun.”
In happier news, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories is a fun little Game Boy Advance title. It’s a sequel to the game that was on Playstation 2, uses all the same music and sound effects (as best as the GBA can make them), and then tries to excuse its existence with a pretty dopey plot device. No matter, lots of new characters and plot elements that should carry over into the upcoming PS2 sequel that comes out later this month. Hopefully I’ll have this one finished before it comes out.
Also out this week is Metal Gear Solid 3, Subsistence. Somehow I need to beat Metal Gear Solid 2 in 2 days…yeah it’s not happening. Fortunately, people tell me I don’t need to have played 2 to enjoy 3. But it would sure make me more able to enjoy all the bonus materials that the game comes with without worrying about spoilers. Alas, I’ll just have to play it later.