Hola from Guatemala

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been in Guatemala since Nov. 25th. I wanted to say hi since the hotel we’re at amazingly has computers with pretty decent internet connections. The juxtapositions in this country are amazing. You can go from dirt roads and cows to fancy restaurants all in the space of 20 minutes. I can walk one block down and find a building made from nickel sheets and yet I’m in here in a nicely decorated hotel with toilets and showers in each room and computers for me to waste time on. It’s just weird.
It’s beautiful too. I can go upstairs and look at a volcano. There are mountains all around too, and they’re all gorgeous. Unfortunately, once you go up those mountains you find people living in conditions that seem downright unfair compared to the natural beauty of the area.
I’ll be returning to the states tomorrow evening, and over the next few days I plan to get some entries up describing the trip as well as a photo gallery. Until then, buenos noches.

Grammar Quest VIII

Me and my roommate created a new game after playing some DragonQuest VIII and getting into some geeky grammar talk.
So I proudly present to you Grammar Quest VIII by Jerad Parish (some concept creation help by Chris Privitere)
A dangling participle appears.
Noob casts Interjection! (“Waaait!!”)
The dangling participle had started to attack, but it stopped abruptly!
Yangus attacks with Double Negative! 42 damage to the dangling participle.
Jessica summons a pronoun and an antecedent!
…But they disagree and destroy each other! No damage to the dangling participle.
The dangling participle calls for help.
A verb and a preposition appear!
The verb psyches himself up. Tense increases to “subjunctive”!
Noob attacks with comma splice! 38 damage to the dangling participle.
The dangling particple, verb, and preposition combine into… a sentence fragment!
The sentence fragment attacks with a flurry of apostrophe and comma errors! The party is confused!
The sentence fragment casts Unnecessary Punctuation!
A left angle bracket hits Noob for 57 damage!
An ampersand hits Yangus for 46 damage!
A swarm of parentheses hit Jessica for 61 damage!
Yangus uses Grammar Check! But there are too many errors.
Jessica uses the Red Pen! 94 damage to the sentence fragment.
Noob uses Word Confusion (level 3 – lend vs. loan)! The sentence fragment absorbs the words!
The sentence fragment finds its misplaced modifiers and transforms into …a run-on sentence!
The run-on sentence attacks with all of its words! 113 damage to Noob.
Limit break: Noob uses Split Infinitive! 315 damage to the run-on sentence.
The party combines magic to cast Ultima Conjugation! A horde of verb forms are launched at the run-on sentence!
to win (infinitive) -> 38 damage
win (present) -> 27 damage
winning (present progressive) -> 31 damage
won (past) -> 19 damage
were winning (past progressive) -> 29 damage
will win (future) -> 36 damage
have won (present perfect) -> 31 damage
has been winning (present perfect progressive) -> 49 damage
had won (past perfect) -> 28 damage
will have won (future perfect) -> 33 damage
had been winning (past perfect progressive) -> 42 damage
will be winning (future progressive) -> 35 damage
will have been winning (future perfect progressive) -> 51 damage
as if we had won (subjunctive) -> 38 damage
win! (imperative) -> 41 damage
528 damage to the run-on sentence.
The run-on sentence is defeated.
Vocabulary increases by 73 points.
Noob’s level increases! Ability: Word Confusion increases to level 4 (imply vs. infer)!
Jessica’s level increases! Learns ability, Typo Beam!

Guitar Hero Rawks

So Guitar Hero is awesome. It’s a music game. You pick up this awesome guitar controller, put it in your hands, and rock out to songs. I honestly think that’s enough reasoning for most people to go out and buy this. But if you need more descriptions…it’s like all your air-guitar dream sequences realized and solidified. You get excited as you go into solos, your heart beats faster as you hit a ton of notes without messing up and get into the good part of the song and then you turn your guitar vertical and activate the star power (basically doubling your score while making your onscreen avatar go nuts) and then you wanna jump on the sofa and slide on the ground and pretty much act out any sort of guitar related fantasy you’ve ever had or just seen on TV.
In other words, I really like this game. So I highly recommend it. It’s made by the same people who made Frequency and Amplitude, which, if you haven’t played, you should.
In other news (which I found out is old news that I just overlooked), Beatmania, another awesome music game, has been pushed back from November 2005 to March 2006. Which is kind of sad as I was looking forward to it, but since there’s so many good games coming out in these next two months, my wallet will appreciate the delay.


Sorry for not updating sooner.
Some of you probably already know, but I’m going to go on a missions trip to Guatemala for the five days following Thanksgiving.
We’re going to bring food, medicine and other supplies to a small village in Guatemala. We’re also going to help set up the equivalent of a Good Will store for people to be able to buy clothes for cheap. Basically we go and hand out food and clothes to the dirt poor, and set up the store for those with slightly more means. There’s also fun interaction with kids and churches and all that cool stuff.
I’m going with a relatively new project started by a husband and wife team at my church. They have a website here: http://www.outreachforworldhope.org/. You can see pictures of some of the people from the area. They go there a lot, and I’m really happy to have such a easy chance to go without having to use more than 4 vacation days. I’ve been praying for a chance to do a missions trip to a poor country again, and well, God provided. 🙂