Advent Children Delay

So yeah, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children should have come out this week, but it didn’t. Don’t know why, but it’s been delayed till like November.
Honestly, unlike everyone else who are going with Ludicrous Speed to torrent sites to get it, I really don’t feel a need to. This isn’t some long running serial I need to see the end of. This isn’t some conversion of one of the best books/games/whatever to film. All it is, is a CG follow up to Final Fantasy VII. A game, which, honestly, sucks in mosts respects. It’s got some fun parts, and good memories here and there, but there’s nothing I can point to it and say “look at FFVII, it was a great example of X.” It’s a jumble of uninterpretable plot and poor translation combined with at the time new graphics and CG cutscenes.
That said, FFVII AC’s trailers and all look great, and the reviews from everyone is that FFVII AC rocks. And I’m looking forward to a fun Computer Graphics experience (ironic that basically we’re watching this movie for the graphics when most “hard core” RPGers harshly critique anyone who asserts graphics as a feature of RPGs…then again FFVII’s graphics were what attracted a lot of people to it and the RPG genre) with good fight scenes.
Oh well, in a couple months all the interest will die down and the movie will come out and everyone’s who has pirated has assured me they’ll buy it. As an aside, I have no idea why, are they really looking forward to the English dub? Or is it just because the ripped version doesn’t have surround sound. Maybe it’s to somehow justify pirating it now. Anyway, Advent Children, my sound system and I will see you in a couple months. Till then, I’ll continue with the 8000 other books/games/real life activities I can do.

Just to counter some of the flood of stuff from the left

I know a number of my friends who read this are liberals, so just let me clarify that I’m not posting this to start some sort of an argument, but I just wanted to get some information out there that kind of goes counter to what the media/celebrities seem to assert.

That said, even Bush has taken lots of responsibility today. I hope it’ll help calm the controversy so we can focus on helping these people and making our federal and state systems better. How well a federal beaurocracy can get, I dunno, but hopefully better than it was. So that next time something happens, they can say that they were faster than Katrina, just like the Katrina response was faster than Hugo.

3.25 a gallon is too much

So I got fed up with gas prices yesterday, and I went out and bought a bike. My last bike was a crappy Roadmaster Coyote I got in like 7th grade, and is now somewhere in the vicinity of Ames, IA (it disappeared). My new bike is this:
It’s a Giant Cypress DX. I got it for $350 and then a bit more for accessories (man, there’s lots of little crap to buy…) and it’s really cool. Used it today to commute to work and realized that I need to get into biking shape…hopefully in a week or two it’ll feel a lot easier. 🙂

Wind and Commercials

So, I’m not sure what to say about Katrina other than my heart and prayers go out to the victims. There’s a lot of other issues I could discuss, political, spiritual, economical, whatever, but right now, let’s just focus on healing the area and getting people food/water/shelter.
In less depressing news, I’m wondering if someone can link me to an online copy of that new Citibank commercial. You know the one, it’s where these two guys are dressed up in costumes fighting each other according to the commands of their two friends on a couch. They’re basically acting out a fighting video game (It’s one of those Citibank commercials where the’yre like “Don’t wait forever for your credit card rewards and have to improvise your videogames, just get our card and get points faster”). Anyway, I’d love to share it with other people who don’t watch much TV, but I don’t have a digital copy of it…maybe I should try out the video-in capabilities of my new video card.
On that note, in case anyone didn’t already know, the Citibank Platinum Select credit card rocks. I get 1% back on normal purchases (pretty standard) and 5% (yes five) back on grocery store and gas station purchases (even more relevant with the rising gas prices…). You get up to 300$ back a year, and can request your checks as soon as you’ve earned 50$ of cash back.