Further proof of my insanity

My friends were trying to come up with what to do this weekend. After an initial suggestion of running a Dungeons and Dragon game, and a follow debate against a second suggestion to play golf, I came up with…well:
“Oh Oh Oh! I know.
LARP-golf. (Live Action Role Play-golf)
We’ll role play our new D&D characters as they set out to vanquish the evil Sandtrapia from the land! There’ll be Water hazard daemons, evil greens master swordsmen, and even potions of greater putting +1!”
I realllly need to get out more.

Cat Teeth

So I took my cats to the vet this monday for distemper boosters as well as to have their teeth checked up on. And…it seems they’ve improved a ton. Yay! I’m being told this is a completely different situation than before, and we’re no longer talking about pulling teeth. Happy Happy news for the kitties.
In other news, my new printer came yesterday, and yes, it’s as awesome as I was expecting. 😀