The Black Mages II

So when I went to E3 this past May, I got to see one of those Final Fantasy concerts. This one had The Black Mages in it, Uematsu’s rock band that plays Final Fantasy Music.
I was just listening to one of the songs they played during the concert, and I just can’t deny what I’ve been steadily suspecting each time I hear it. It has one of the
I just want to go buy an electric guitar and learn how to play this thing, it’s that fun.
Go get the song “Maybe I’m a Lion” off their second album, The Black Mages II – The Skies Above, or better yet, just buy the whole thing. They have both it and their first album on iTunes now.


I posted some new ffxi pics. I’ve been doing lots of stuff with an new linkshell group. So here’s a few random pics I gathered, hope to start posting more as well as a few new ones of my character as he’s got nicer stuff on now.
Jormungund is a big dragon, he killed us later.
Nidhogg is a big dragon, but not as big as Jorm, we didn’t get to kill him in this shot, some other people got him.
Some times you die in Dynamis, here’s one where we died. I like the way the Samurai swords line up.