So sorry that I’ve been lagging on an update. I’ve been really busy lately. Went to E3 out in LA last week, so I have pictures to post for that. It was awesomely fun. I got to hang out with all my RPGamer friends again.
I also got to see the More Friends concert. This is the second Final Fantasy concert to hit the US. It had Nobuo Uematsu’s rockband, The Black Mages, and they did indeed rock hard. The concert was awesome, and I had really close up seats. Yay. There were some persistent technical problems with the microphones that I didn’t see in the two Dear Friends concerts I went to. However the orchestra this time was in my opinion much better. On top of all that, The Black Mages and the Orchestra combined on the last piece, One Winged Angel, for an aural explosion of goodness. It was so good, and they even added a choir verse to the song! Just…totally sweet.
More info about E3 as I have time.
Oh me and two friends had an offer accepted on a house. We’re going to move in at the end of June. It’s a nice house and a great neighborhood. I’m pretty excited. I’m also going to be very busy. Between the move at home, the moving of our offices at work happening this summer, and just general work, I’m going to be so very busy. My apologies if I don’t update much.