Updated housing and scripts, or why server moves suck

So, what a long week this was. So very tiring. So very stressful.
My friend Scott and I decided to start looking into me buying a house and he paying me rent. And oh my goodness, I didn’t know how hard that would be. Loan rates are good right now, but geez, property taxes (easily 300-450$ on most properties on this side of town) kill you.
I also don’t have a down payment so I’d have to do some sort of full financing with an 80/20 loan, either that or pay PMI. It’s just crazy.
Suffice it to say, I need to find a house or condo between 100 and 150k on the West Side of Madison that can hold two guys easily. Not a simple task, but hopefully some friends and I can find something cool.
In other news, I got a cold this past weekend. So, after all that excitement about house buying dying down, I got to cough a lot, with sniffles and fevers and chills. How fun. =\
So, I decided to just play some games. First, my new Plastation Portable. Oh my, but this thing rocks. Awesome graphics for a handheld, sleek look, great games (Lumines!), and the battery life is more than adequate. So all in all, great launch of a competitive handheld product Sony. Congratulations.
Then I played some FFXI. I’m at the point in FFXI where I can’t level up anymore unless I beat this one, really hard, really annoying boss. He’s just a guy in town normally, but when you get to my level he decides to go all “Haha, you can’t beat me so you dont’ deserve to be able to level more, I’m going to punch you very hard now, good night.” Yeah, I hate him. Not only that, but you have to find this rare item in order to face him each time. Making this a long, drawn out, annoying process. Then add in the fact that most people recommend very expensive items for this fight, so my bank account in the game is rather low right now.
Hopefully, tonight I’ll have a chance to kick this guy’s butt and post a screenshot or something.
Then last night, we were moving some servers at work to a different building. Everything that could go wrong did. From wrong size server racks, to NIS timeouts making machines not boot, to incorrect SAN switches. It was a nightmare. Instead of 3-9PM, it went to 12:30PM, and that’s just when I left, another guy stayed much longer. Very tired today as a result.
Oh, and my cats…their teeth have been bad for some time. The vet had me try different food in case it was an allergy, and some oral cleansing gel to see if that’d help too. But it hasn’t, so I’m bringing them back in tomorrow to have them retested for certain nasty cat diseases, as well as see if they need a dental (bad, cause they’re expensive). Hopefully, we can come up with a strategy to stop their tooth pain without breaking the bank. It’s sad to see them cringe in pain while eating or being petted near the mouth.
Ah well, back to work. Oh, but first, yay at lj-crosspost plugin. It’s just simplified my blog-entry process by allowing me to post on figarocastle and livejournal in one easy step. Hooray!

Confuzzled word test

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Dean Medical Center
West Clinic – Laboratory
752 N High Point Rd
Madison, WI 53717
Christopher G Privitere
Dear Mr. Privitere,
The following tests were performed at the time of your recent visit. Unless commented on, they were normal.
CHOL 185     <200 DESIRABLE CHOL. 03/11/2005
CHOL 264     <200 DESIRABLE CHOL. 09/18/2004 TRIG 101     <150 NORMAL 03/11/2005
TRIG 283     <150 NORMAL 09/18/2004 HDL 32     <40 LOW 03/11/2005
HDL 24     <40 LOW 09/18/2004 LDL 133     <100 OPTIMAL 03/11/2005
LDL 183     <100 OPTIMAL 09/18/2004 Cholesterol profile much better than 9/04. Keep up the good work. Still need to continue to work to further bring up the HDL. Recheck annually. Sincerely, Jodi Sullivan RN for Dr. Hilquist

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D: D 😀
I’ve been waiting for that good news for a long time now. Now to just pump the HDL/lower the LDL some more and then I’ll be good.
Side effect of all this is that I’ve lost about 30+ pounds now. Still have more to lose IMO…just getting harder to lose it with diet alone. Need to get me some discipline and do more exercise.

New Desk

I got a new desk today. It’s so much nicer than the two vastly different cheapo desks I was using before. Now everything fits and has room (except for my mouse…it’s on a different level than my keyboard…I hate that, it makes my arm hurt a lot…I don’t know what I’m going to do about that).
Anyway, here it is: New Desk

Palm Springs

In case anyone is wondering, I’ve been in Palm Springs, CA. It’s 70 degrees here. 🙂
I’m here for a conference for the database software that my company uses. We’re at the Westin Mission Hills resort. It’s really nice. So relaxing, so nice to get away. And it’s beautiful.
Here’s proof.