Dear Friends…on ice.

So today was a cool day. Me and my friend Dan went to Chicago and did a few things. First, we met up with his friend Meredith and went over to the Mitsumi Asian mall thing. Asian books, asian food store, asian music, it was a japanaphile’s headquarters. I picked up a bunch of cool snackfood and resisted the temptation to buy music.
Then we headed over to Todai Japanese Seafood Restaurant. We ate so much sushi and other Japenese foods that I’ve never had, it was soooooo goooood, and we ate sooooo muuuuch. We pretty much waddled around the mall after that. We hit up a game store and Kay Bee and a Lego store and other cool stuff. I picked up a cheap chess set and a Rubik’s cube, both of which I plan to set up in my office for people to just mess with. I saw some stuff at the Lego store I wished I could have in my office too, but it was either too expensive or didn’t exist in a set. They seem to have displays set up by “Master Builders” who make a piece, glue it together, and ship it to the store. So what that means is, I don’t get the cool lego bunny in my office unless I scrounge the parts together. And I don’t get the cool Star Destroyer unless I shell out 250$.
Ah well, after that we dropped Meredith off, and went to the whole point of the trip. The Dear Friends concert at the Rosemont Theater. Now, this is the second Dear Friends concert in the US. Last one was last May in Las Angeles right before E3. My summary:
This theater isn’t anywhere as cool as the Disney one in LA.
My biggest complaint from the last one was addressed, the choir was much better mic’d this time. 😀 😀
The orchestra (the Chicago Pops) was not perceptively better or worse than the LA Philharmonic to me, but they were also better mic’d.
I was able to get a t-shirt this time.
Nobuo held a survey with the audience where he asked how many of us would go to a Black Mages concert (his rock band) if they were to have one in the US (yes, everyone shouted their lungs out at that). So hopefully that’s a good sign that he’ll bring his band here. 🙂
Great music, great concert, even though it was basically identical to the one last year.
So all this was cool, and me and Dan headed back to Madison and stopped at a McDonald’s which was selling of all things, deli sandwiches (which we both tried, not bad, nothing special, but a nice change from a cheap burge). So we continued on our way.
Then….the snow started. It didn’t seem that heavy, but it didn’t stop, and it seemed we were driving into it. And some people were slowing down, and we were just sticking to the speed limit cause I didn’t think it was all that bad, since I could still see the road.
I was wrong.
While driving along, for some reason the car before us put his brakes on, which of course caused me to put mine on, which of course cause I was going 65 on a slippery surface caused my wheels to lock up. The car started sliding, I tried pumping, and I tried to correct, I over corrected, then back to the left, then to the right, then left, then we spin 180 to the right, and I’m thinking someone’s going to hit us for sure, then slide back left sort of and my car stops responding and we just slide onto the shoulder. Stopped, happy that nothing’s hit us, amazed that we ended on the shoulder.
At that moment, I thanked God for not letting us die. Or get hit. And well, it was pretty nuts. We were right on the shoulder, where we’d want to be after losing control. Granted it was the right shoulder instead of the left (we’d started in the left lane), but I wasn’t going to argue at that point.
So we sat there freaked out for a while. I tried to crack some jokes, and figure out how I was supposed to handle such a slide…and well long story short, we finished our journey at speeds no higher than 45 mph. With gratuitously cautious braking. And I’m pleased to say that we arrived home safely.
So it was an interesting cap to the evening. I hope it doesn’t ruin my memories of today for the long term, cause it really was a cool day. At least it’ll make me investigate how to handle slides in snow better.
Now, I think I’ll get to bed. God obviously wants me alive tomorrow, so I’d like to see what’s in store.

Super Bowl Day

So it’s that Super Bowl day thing. Gonna watch two teams that aren’t mine (Go Bills…next year…maybe….). But I’ll be with friends and eating junk food that I shouldn’t eat (hey, I’ve lost 25 pounds so far on my low cholesterol/trigliceride diet that I started in October, so pfffffbt), so it’ll be fun.
Been doing a bunch of work for lately, but I took the last couple days off to focus on like…having time off from doing anything. That was fun, but I figured I should sit down and do some rpgamer stuff between church and the Super Bowl today….yeah, that didn’t work. Surprisingly, I can’t get into a working mindset on a Sunday afternoon. 😉 Oh well, I figured out how to cvs stuff to my local machine from a remote one, so that’ll be useful in the future at least.
In other news, is down…I don’t know why, but I wanted to update stuff from it, so that’s a bit frustrating. It’s been like…two days now.
So yeah, I’ve been sitting here watching this No limit Texas hold’em poker thing. I think I get how it works now. Seems fun, I’ll have to try it with some friends…assuming they don’t actually play for more than like M&Ms or something…
Bought a bunch of Japanese CDs recently, too. Man I love anime/video game music/Japanese pop music. Hikaru Utada = swoon.
And for some odd reason, my local Waldenbooks can’t get Initial D volume 4 in stock for me. I actually have to go order it somewhere else, that really surprises me. Oh well, guess I’ll hit up amazon or something.