Merry Christmas and Loss

1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sorry I was late getting this up. 🙂
I went home to Omaha, NE for the past week to spend time with my Parents and sister. Very fun, went to many restaurants and did the gift thing and a couple exchanges (nothing major, I don’t like to give back gifts, it just feels wrong). Had lots of fun, got Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls for Christmas and was grooving through Final Fantasy 1 with a four monk party until…
2. I flew back home today, and along the way I lost my Game Boy and games. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
Yes, I don’t know where, maybe in the gate A1 area in Omaha (I was reading Initial D instead of playing it, and it was in the way to get to the Initial D books), or it fell out along the Terminal C block (very tightly packed shoulder bag…), or it was left in gate C27 at Minneapolis (again, more Initial D reading), or was left on the plane to Minneapolis or the plane to Madison. 🙁 I’ve been calling up the terminal and baggage lost and founds, and no one has it yet;of course, half of them won’t answer with a live person or at all!
Very Very Frustrated right now. I don’t care about the machine itself, it’s the games. Mostly the Final Fantasy one since I JUST GOT IT. I hate losing gifts, hate hate hate hate hate hate it. I can deal with losing the other games, and losing the unit gives me a reason to buy an SP or DS. But losing RPGs like Pokemon, Golden Sun, and saved games like Chu Chu Rocket’s puzzle mode and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is very painful. And a new game that also has 8+ hours of play in it already? That’s just killer.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Heh, so this weekend since The Return of the King came out last week, me and some friends decided to watch the whole trilogy.
We started at 8 AM this past Saturday and ran till about 8 PM.
Yeah 12 hours of hobbity goodness. It was fun. But by the end I was really tired. Not sure what’s so tiring about watching TV for 12 hours…but it was.
Ah well, sorry I haven’t blogged more. I’ve been lazy about certain things lately, this is one of them. So if I have something to blog about, I keep putting off the blogging till it’s no longer relevant to blog about. 🙁