Comment Spam

Hey all, it seems my blog here is getting deluged with comment spam, I’ve locked it down so that only people with Typekeys can make comments on this blog (the livejournal one is unaffected).
How do you get a typekey? Easy, it tells you how to get one when you go to make a comment. 🙂


So I went to see the incredibles yesterday, it really was “incredible.” Yeah, okay so it was good. 🙂 Go see it.
In other news, there’s an incredible, quirky Japanese game for PS2 that’s come out recently. It’s called Katamari Damacy. You can read about it here and here. It’s got fantastic video game music too, real old school formula going on. And yes, the game is basically you rolling a ball around. It’s so 8-bit that it’s next-gen. Yeah, and the king talks with turn-table scratch sounds. If you aren’t already going out the door to get this thing, there is no hope for you.

Winamp go bye bye

Learned some sad news today, it seems that the current version of winamp will be the last. 🙁 Kinda sucks as it’s still the only media player I like best. (Itunes has shortcomings in its inability to shrink to a title bar size, and windows media player…is…windows media player).
Ah well, lots of other stuff going on too. Like 40% of the people I liked playing FFXI with have quit the game. So that’s no fun. But that means there’s still a bunch who still play and I’m having fun with it still. Level 63 now, so I’m moving along. Been doing a lot of fishing in it lately, up to 27 fishing, and I have 60 cooking. Which means I’m actually able to earn decent money now.
Just picked up Rez and Katamari Damacy…which are sitting on top of my TV. Just so much stuff to do/read/take care of. I haven’t had time to play any games other than FFXI, which is still the game I’ve most wanted to play. Hopefully…
I can take care of a bunch of chores tonight: vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning, laundry, exercise, informing landlord of maintenance issues. Then I can read one last manga I have on my coffee table (can’t buy any more this month due to an ufortunate issue where I had Epic reimburse me for a hotel room charge that the hotel ended up not charging on my card, but to the company’s card instead–meaning I owe Epic about $800) and finish up Jak & Daxter 1.
Of course, usually nights planned like this degrade to me playing FFXI and watching TV….so hopefully that won’t be the case tonight.