I totally suck at air travel

So I’m in California again this week. This involves flying of course. I had a 6AM flight scheduled…and…as you might guess…..I missed it.
My alarm clock either was never turned on (it was set to the right time) or I turned it off without waking up.
So I got to play the standby game, and fortunately, it worked out pretty well. Other than getting in 3 hours late.
But yes, it seems I’m completely and totally cursed when it comes to air travel.
Oh well, at least I’ve learned how to travel carry-on only.


Ahhhh yet another Friday.
Today I got to continue putting out fires at work due to a SAN (storage array) outage yesterday. So I pretty much didn’t get done with anything I needed or planned to. Fun. 🙂
Anyway, I’m going out to California again next week. Should be fun, unless what I hear is true and we have the “Return of the 12 hour work day” at my customer’s site. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I can get some FFXI time in on my laptop. Or maybe I’ll just spend the evenings fixing various things on Epic servers that I don’t usually have time to. Alternately, I could like…go out and enjoy the area…but where’s the geek in that?


So a friend of mine collects and reads comics. This intrigued me as I always thought they were kind of interesting, but never really wanted to deal with the perpetual ongoing story or the small size/hi price thing. But I’m a big fan of comic book based cartoons (Batman, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Teen Titans….they’re all very good stuff). And then he tells me the that the Babylon 5 creator is doing one so I just had to check it out.
So now I’m following Amazing Spiderman and Astonishing X-Men. So far they seem pretty good.
What comics do others like? Recommendations? Yes, manga counts too (I’m following Kenshin, Berserk, and Bleach, as well as subscribing to Shonen Jump).