So since this is my second trip to California, I can compare hotels and costs now.
The hotel we had in LA for E3 seemed okay. It cost like $200/night, but we had 4 people in there. And it offered $10/day internet access which was nice, if a bit expensive. They also had like…nothing really fancy about the place.
The hotel I’m in now (and maybe this is just a Kudos to Omega Travel, for knowing how to pick hotels well), is $139/night, has digital thermostat, same TV options, and net is only $4.95/day. And the room is fancier, the hotel is fancier, and it has more options and stuff. This is Walnut Creek, but I would figure from the looks of the town that stuff should be both fancier and more expensive, not fancier and cheaper.
Guess Hollywood just sucks compared to Walnut Creek. *Shrug*

Customer Trip Day 1

So I’m out in California to help support one of my customers from work. Kaiser Permanente. Their server team is in Walnut Creek, CA. Which is like literally a hop skip and jump from San Francisco.
I landed in San Fran, drop up to Oakland, and continued to Walnut Creek. I didn’t even get lost on the freeway, which is a big deal for me. I had been tempted to get the $10/day GPS system in the rental car, but am glad I was able to save some money and use a map instead. Of course, once I got to Walnut Creek and called my contact here for directions, it was a different story. I must have made every wrong turn possible. Residential streets hate me. The only good thing is that I can at least keep my bearings and get back to where I started so I can try again.
Eventually I got there, and worked for like four more hours. Now, this is after getting up at 4:50 AM to make a 6:50 AM flight…central time. That’s right, I went back in time and bascially worked 2 extra hours in a day that started 2.5 hours early. Yay. 😉
Anyway, I was able to get online in the hotel room and play games with my friends, so that was fun. Too bad I was falling asleep while doing it. Leave it to California to make you tired at 10:30 PM. Ah well, I’m rested and much better today (except I keep clenching my teeth, and crossing my eyes when I close them, no idea why, it’s actually been going on for a while). So hopefully today will be more fun.

Moving Help

My former college roommate, Scott, is working at Epic now. Yay for another person giving up their engineering future in lieu of…a job. I’ve been helping him move in and he was teasing me about not updating my blog in a while, so here I am.
*sabin1001 does the update dance.
Hope you’re all satisfied. 😛