Easter is fun

So I didn’t go home or anything, but I’m having fun taking a day off and doing computer stuff and talking to people and baking cookies (yum). It’s fun.
Saw The Passion yesterday, and that just makes everything that much more meaningful.
And on the other end of the spectrum, I’m totally avoiding IE now, as I got a virus last night just from some website’s popup add. I didn’t even do anything. So I’ve upped my virus scanners settings, and removed the IE icon from my quicktask bar.

April fools?

Okay so I haven’t posted enough. Hence a general update.
First of all, the cats are great. 😉
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see. I got a raise at work yesterday. That rocked. $5000 raises are the bestest. 😀 Was wondering if it was an April Fools thing for a while there, but it seems 4/1 is the day of the year that I’m eligible for raises. That’ll be easy to remember.
I also bought a new CPU for my PC. A barton mobile 2400+. Why a mobile processor for a desktop PC? Easy, same features, but unlocked and a lower default core voltage cause it’s for a mobile machine. What does that mean? It means I pay a bit more and get a CPU that’s guaranteed to overclock, and overclock well. 😀 That’s gonna be fun to play with.
My contacts have been treating me weirdly and I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s like I put them in and sometime through the day i get these red streaks from my contact to the nose side of my eyes. So something must be irritating my eyes cause that’s what happens when I allergies and such. I’ve switched solutions recently and that didn’t make a difference, so I don’t know what’s up with that. I have a humidifier so it’s not dry air causing it. I’m wondering if it’s the not as clean as they could be sheets and bedspread. Cathair all over. Or perhaps it’s my not vacuumed recently carpet? Or maybe the newer cat litter? Maybe it’s the newer litter that’s undoubtedly been tracked onto my carpet or bed. I dunno. It’s getting me worried cause I have another eye issue going on when I go to sleep sometimes. When I close my eyelids it’s like the muscles of my eye flexes like I’m making crosseyes or something. So I open, try to relax them, and reclose and it repeats. It’s very weird.
I’m going to E3 in May. 😀 That’s soooo gonna rock. Read about E3 here: www.e3expo.com. I’m going with people from here: www.rpgamer.com.
So I’ve decided I want to play the old megaman games. I need to find an NES and Megaman 1-3. I tried number 3 out at a gaming party I was at last week. It kicked my butt. It was so refreshing to play a challenging game again. 🙂
Which leads to FFXI. My updated profile: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/profile.xml?4244. And that’s all I’ll say.
Back to RPGamer. Looks like we’re getting back into perl scripting there. Gonna work on stuff again, yay :D. Course that means less time for FFXI this weekend…but as that’s a proundly good thing, I don’t really care.
Also, been trying to get back into DDR lately. It’s soo fun and I’ve gotten less scared about making too much noise while playing it as the guy below me seems to choose the oddest times to play music like with only his subwoofer at volume 2000. Okay so that’s just what it sounds like to me 😉 Anyway, I keep coming home from work late and not playing though, which is bad cause I need the exercise. 🙁 Hope to get that changed.