It's freaking cold out.

Okay, it’s freaking cold out. To deal with this and combat static electricity I bought a humidifier last week to make my relative humidity higher than 10% in here.
It’s fantastic….however, it’s really made me realize how cold it is out…have a look:

Yeah, it’s cold out, and my porch doors have no insulation…no wonder my electric bill (yes, i have electric baseboard heaters) is around $70 a month.
In other news, I got to sit in on a teleconference for Pokémon Coliseum today. That was cool. Got to hear the Japanese game developers talk about it and there was a Q&A session too, didn’t have any questions myself….but I had to wonder why someone from did…

Long time no entry

Okay, trying to get back into the swing of things here.
Let’s see. First, interesting picture of FFXI coolness:

Those are tarus in their cool job related armor. When I finally get mine I’ll be like the one in red with the feather in his hat. 😀
Next, I’ve been busy recently with perhaps hosting the website for one of the Linkshells that I have some friends with.
Part of this has involved finding a better java IRC client. And since the one I found was so cool, I want to give it a plug here. It’s PJIRC. Very cool, slick, and awesome.
Other goings on…I hit the doctor tomorrow afternoon to ask for more meds. They’ve been working pretty well but I could use either a higher dose or at least a booster for the afternoon as they wear off ~ 2:30 ish.
Get to take my car in for the 6 month checkup and oil change, so that’ll be fun too. Go regular maintenance.
That’s all for now, I’ll try to update more regularly.


So I got back from Urbana yesterday. Awesome awesome awesome! I really had fun. Seeing friends, learning many things about Jesus, and celebrating New Years with 20,000 people…can’t beat that.
I also woke up a bit spiriturally and started to see what I should be doing and what some goals for my life right now should be.
I also got a bunch of books (as is normal at Urbana…such good prices).
And finally, I think God started to put Japan on my heart. Now I’m skeptical as it seems to easy to say that I should start doing missions related stuff in Japan as I’m rather obsessed with its culture due to animé and videogames. In other words, I think I have a “heart” for Japan in the tourist/selfish sense. But the feeling just wouldn’t go away no matter how I thought about it or prayed about it. Just this intense caring for Japanese people and seeing God expressed/worshipped in their cultural ways. It was weird and I even think I had a picture or two thrown into my mind about the whole thing, not that I have any clue what they mean. So yeah, I’m gonna keep investigating whether or not God may be telling me to do something in/for/with Japan in a missionary sense. Whether that may be financial support of someone, or going myself, or nothing at all, I have no idea yet. But hey, it’s God, if he wants me there, he’ll get me there.

ADD Meds

Well today was the day. I got my ADD meds today. The doctor decided to start me on Ritalin as that’s the one they know most about and it’s best to see if that’ll work before trying a new type of medication.
So I took my first pill, and have no idea if it worked or not. Now they did start me on the lowest dosage, and I did feel weird and lightheaded today. I also felt calm throughout my body, so I don’t know if that was something too. I don’t know what I expected though…something more seeing as it’s a stimulant. Oh well, I’ll keep trying it and then follow up with my doctor after a couple weeks to see if we should change the dosage.
Whatever effects I got, I think they started wearing off at 3, as judged by how I felt and how I started getting more distracted I think.
So yeah, mixed results as of yet.