Hey, sorry to take so freaking long to post. I’ve been FFXI obsessed lately, made lots of progress. And then when I do stop playing, I have a pile of important things to take care of, leaving me with no blog time.
Anyway, to catch you up, this blog comes at you from Omaha, NE. I drove home today. 7.5 hours of concete goodness. Anyway, good to be done and home and stuff.
Gina (my sister) says that, “Gina is cool.” So just thought I’d share that with you.
Um, FFXI update: Nubuo is level 21 RDM/ 8 WHM.
Medical issues update: ADD appointment is Dec. 3rd so that’s coming up soon. I need to tell them that I can’t bring anyone with me like they wanted. So I hope to do that Monday. I hope they can just call someone. At this point, it’s been so long I don’t really care anymore, it’s too stressful to think about and I just want to move on. Though knowing my mental status for sure would be nice.
I’ve been writing kornshell scripts at work lately. They’re okay, but I’m really hoping to do some Perl stuff soon. Especially as that will help me learn Perl so I can contribute to www.rpgamer.com development work.
I haven’t had much time for reading lately. I miss that. I’ve been (well a few months ago anyway) reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It’s really good and really long. Just the way I like it. I really want to read more, but with so many games out, what little free time I have goes to them so I can chat about them with my rpgamer friends. Oh well. I’ve also been reading Shonen Jump (Japanese comics), quite good that is, but reads very fast so I can browse through one after lunch on a Saturday. I also want to read through some good non fiction like Philip Yancey’s What’s so Amazing About Grace? Oh well, just lamenting the lack of reading in the modern lifestyle I guess.
Oh, and the cats are good. For a while I thought Sophe had a urinary tract infection. So I took her to the vet and they were unable to get a sample and sent me hope with a small collection kit and told me to lock her in the bathroom with it. I did so…and she didn’t use it at all. So I tried putting plastic over the regular box and she either got around it, or wouldn’t go near it, and then the office closed (as it was Saturday), and I just gave up. Of course, she stopped exhibiting symptoms too, so I guess her night in the bathroom somehow made it go away. Oh well, as long as she’s okay now.
Now the cats are alone from Wednesday at 9 till Saturday when I get home. That’s 3.5 days and a bit longer than I’ve left them home alone before. I’m a little worried but I have them set up with ample supplies, so I hope they’re okay. What I do need to find is someone to take care of them when I go to Urbana. But I think my apartment will actually check on them, so yay!
Anyway, off to do something fun and then get some sleep. Glad I took some time to catch up.

Free Stuff is cool

So my work sends old computer stuff to a place that tries to resell it, but if you know where they we store it here and you’re trusted not to try to strip proprietary info off of hard disks you can just take the stuff. This is how I got my seondary computer, and this week I got to upgrade.
Yep, they had the same model as what I got last time from “the bin,” but this one is a PII 400 compared to the 300 I got last time. It also has an integrated creative PCI sound chip and stuff. Of course, moving my hard drive and cd rom to the new case resulted in windows 98SE crashing everytime I start it up, so I had to reinstall, but hey it was free so no complaints. And yes I know I shouldn’t use Windows 98, but it’s easy and it’s just for chatting. (I’ll install FreeBSD on the second hard drive soon). But anyway something much cooler was in the pile.
A WORKING 17″ MONITOR WITH A CLEAR PICTURE. Seriously, this thing had a post-it note saying “Reported bad, and you can hear parts moving inside when you move it.” I wonder if they even bothered to test it…just weird. But yeah, free monitor. So I can actually read text on the other comuter screen without having to focus for a while. (I had a 15″ monitor I got from a coworker for $35, and this monitor is in better focus, is 2″ bigger, brighter and just kicks its butt, in fact it may be better than my monitors on my desk at work)
So I’ll have to find someone who needs my other monitor, any takers? Email me.
I found some way to:
Play Stormbringer with my gaming group
Play FFX-2
Play Myst
Play URU
and Reinstall windows 98
all while still getting to bed at 2AM.
That’s insane, I still don’t get how I pulled that off.
Man, you just don’t know how much nicer a decent monitor makes a computer feel.


*Sabin1001 pokes the darkness.
So….does anyone check this thing? Guess I haven’t kept up with it enough to string anyone along. Oh well. Um, I can’t think of anything to talk about….
Okay, let’s find any miscellaneous topics.
First of all, Nubuo is level 14 and will easily hit 15 on Thursday when we play again. He’s shaping up just fine. It’s crazy how much faster we level in the Retail version. We just know what to do now. But unfortunately, the server is so crowded that it mitigates that a little.
In other news, I have this desire to install some Linux/Unix on this Windows 98 machine. I mean, I haven’t even been having problems with it crashing or anything, but I just feel like it could be better/stabler/faster…even though it isn’t being bad/unstable/slow. Oh well, guess I’m just tired of the way it looks. Probably need a new monitor for it more than anything else. I have a stinky little 15″ on it right now. So it looks small next to my 19″. In fact I run the machine in 800×600 because of this, so it looks crowded and unpleasant.
Oh well, I’m sure that was terribly exciting 😉 I’ll try to experience a good anecdote today and write that down.


You know, it’s Sunday. What do Christians usually do on Sundays? Yeah, church. I wanted to go this week. Just like I wanted to go last week. And the week before. I’m very sick with myself right now. Every Saturday night, I seem to find some reason to stay up really late, and then it’s like, “oh man, I have to sleep in, other wise I won’t be rested and church will be bad, and I’ll be tired for work too.” I’m so sick of this attitude. The idea that I’m too lazy to go and praise the One who loves me more than anything sickens me. I don’t know what to do about it, but I do know what else it will result in. No Bible study. Yeah, so Bible study is Tuesdays at 7. I’ve gone once, but feel out of place going to a study filled with people that go to the college/young professionals class at 9 on Sundays. You know, the class I skip? So in order to go when I skip I’d have to get over my fear that I’ll show up and no one will be there that week and I would have known if I’d gone to class (not that they’d make me feel embarrassed, they’re wonderful, but I’d make myself feel embarrassed). I thought there was another fear here too, but I seem to have forgotten it at the moment. Anyway, such a fear should be immaterial in sight of the fact that I’d be going to learn about the creator of the universe! But no, such fears rule me, and it just makes me so disappointed with myself.
Finally, confessed and out in the open. I needed to do that in order to both ask for forgiveness (already received from Him) as well as move on to fixing this behavior.


So, like where have I been? Ummm….FFXI. ^^; I guess I should post more, but it’s soooo fun to play.
Anyway, so characters status…I wonder if I should make a journal for him…maybe later.
Name: Nubuo (couldn’t get Nobuo 🙁 )
Race: Tarutaru
Class: Red Mage
Level: 10
Rank: 2
Spells: White – Dia, Cure, Protect, Barsleep, BarPoison
Black – Stone, Water, Poison
Sword: Spatha 🙂 Gotta love the spatha
Anyway, as for more real life stuff. I just had a great conversation with Mr. Dan Hilmers the other day. Cool to catch up on stuff at the old Alma Mater and such. Can’t wait to go to Urbana later this year and see him and a bunch of other Intervarsity folks.
Oh, and at the Passion concert they had this great opening techno song. I wrote their website and asked who made it and they responded! So I’m listening right now to my first Christian techno cd. I’ve wanted to find Christian techno for so long. And it’s good too! 🙂
Need to get back to work though…I’ve been way too distracted lately. I now hide the IRC windows at work. So now only Paws and Firemyst (and occasionally Faith) get my chatting attentions after I get situated.
Mood: Happy and Jammin’