Okay, first things first. FFXI came out Wednesday and I got it and I’m playing again. And that means I have no sleep and I’m tired and need sleep but I want to play so I just fall asleep at the keyboard. Go FFXI!
So yeah, it’s fun and it’s especially good to have your character not headed for deletion in 3 months like they did with the beta test. What a waste of 200+ hours or work. πŸ™‚ Okay, so it was fun and I don’t think things’ll take that long to get back to where I was. So yay. Go retail version.
So now it’s Halloween. A person on our team at worked suggested we do the geeky thing and dress up as Epic/CachΓ©/Unix commands. I came dressed as one of our scripts “epiccontrol”. So I have a shirt that says Epic and a SNES controller tied around my waist. I know, really creative and a bad pun. But eh, I like it. πŸ™‚
But now the important part. Candy. I bought candy this year on the off chance that kids would trick or treat in my apartment. But then i realized the front door to the building is locked…..oh well…….see I was counting on no one coming anyway. Big bowl of candy just for me! d ^_^ b
Oh and that’s the other thing, japanese smileys. See they don’t do ones like πŸ™‚ because of the direction that they read and stuff I think. They do vertical oriented ones like ^_^ or m(__)m which is someone bowing. Of course I think it looks like someone hitting their head on a table but whatever. It works both ways I think. πŸ™‚ er (*’-‘)b

Weekends are fun

Well I had a good weekend. From playing lots of FFTA, going to the mall a couple times (wow, interaction with other people), watching a Bills game (yeah I know I know, they lost), to getting my sister’s computer running again, it was pretty good.
While I was at the mall I even got to see some shoplifters get away. Felt bad that I didn’t notice them sooner, I wish I could have tackled them. That would have been fun. πŸ™‚
One of my projects this weekend was getting cat hair off the bedspread…….that’s not easy. I tried to wash it, and really, not much came off. But it was still a little damp and so I was able to rub it and it all clumped together and came off with not too much effort. I say it was a 75% success. Now, I also washed my sheets, which resulted in me being interrupted while showering by a clunk Clunk CLUnk CLUNk CLUNK CLUNK! Which after I waited a few seconds repeated again. Turns out the washer was unbalanced, and it took like 5 tries to rebalance it. *move stuff around* *close lid* CLUNK CLUNK! *repeat*. Then when I did a colored load later IT HAPPENED AGAIN! I never have had problems with unbalanced loads in this washer. So it was very frustrating. This load took like 10 tries to get rebalanced. Oh well, guess I need more training.
Talked to Scott Gengelbach last night, that was good. He ridiculed me for my team losing to his (he’s a Chiefs fan) and then told me to give him money. (Okay, so that was for a different reason πŸ˜‰ ) And then he made me join is Fantasy Basketball league! I mean, the nerve of this guy. ;p
Anyway, that’s a good summary, hope it wasn’t too boring. Guess I’ll go to work now.


So I contacted my doctor’s office yesterday to follow up on some labwork. They then informed me that I have hypothyroidism. This may sound bad to most people, but I think of it as good. Why? I FINALLY KNOW WHY I’M SO FREAKING TIRED ALL THE TIME. Yay.
So right now they give me a pill to take daily to substitute for a lack of thyroid hormone (the lack of which leads to low metabolism and stuff) and then they do blood tests for a bit while they get the dosage right. Pretty easy treatment I think.
Now, the real question is whether all my ADD symptoms were caused by this disease. We shall see.


Woooo! I just got back from the Passion Tour concert and it was awesome.
Anytime you go to a Christian concert that starts out with 6 video screens being coordinated and synchronized to techno music (an awesome song that I really want, with lyrics saying something about being surrounded by colors let me know if it’s familiar to you), yet still making a profound spiritual statement, you know something cool’s going on.
Passion has been around almost ten years and they primary reach out to college campuses playing awesome worship music and giving great messages. I was exposed to their music during college and have been really wanting to go to an event of theirs at some point. I’m so glad I was able to go. If you’re wondering both Chris Tomlin and Steve Fee played sets tonight and Louis Giglio gave a great message about passion (the word, not their group πŸ™‚ ).
So yeah, Passion rocks and you should check them out if you ever get a chance. It was an awesome night to worship Jesus and I’m thankful for the chance.

Windows sucks

Okay Windows sucks.
My sister called up two nights ago saying her mouse didn’t work anymore. I tried having them try a PS/2 mouse. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling from the device manager. I tried safe mode. I tried microsoft’s knowledge base (nothing). I tried windows 2k repair mode…or rather I would have, except she lost her Win 2k disk. Grrrr. I can’t even find a pirated version to use for a quick fix. I hate windows.
Last night I came home to find my own computer not booting up due to a corrupt registry. Thankfully I had my second computer and MY Win XP disk. So I launched into repair mode and replaced my windows/system32/config/system file as the knowledge base article told me to do. Of course, now my system has lost all record of all applied updates and drivers (my applications are okay though πŸ™‚ ). And I can’t remotely connect to it having forgotten to recheck the “allow remote connections” box. Grr. I hate windows.
But still, at least my machine is working. I just can’t do anything for my sister (she can’t afford a repair shop and needs it for homework). I’ve been relegated to spending my nights looking for an overlooked solution or a win2k iso. πŸ™ By the way, I can’t even pirate windows (I’m anti piracy in general so it seems ironic that the one time I want to, I can’t) since no one has 2k anymore, they all have XP. I HATE WINDOWS!

The Doctor's visit

Well today was the big day. I went to the doctor to confirm/deny my recent suspicions that I have ADD. Basically I got there and listed off my major symptoms/concerns, the doctor asked some questions and checked my thyroid/bloodwork and scheduled an appointment on Dec. 3rd for an all day testing to see if I have ADD.
Yes, I have to wait a month and a half to see if I have it. And miss a day of work in the process. :/ On top of all that, I have to bring someone who knows me and my symptoms for the first 45 minutes of the appointment. I know nobody in Madison who knows me that well, and I don’t plan on asking my parents/sister/friends from Ames, IA to spend a day driving just to be here for a 45 minute question and answer session.
So I’m frustrated, confused and worried that my symptoms will magically disappear between now and Dec. and I won’t have someone with my and I’ll just be very embarrased and stuff.
Then I take a deep breath and think about it, and really, there’s no problem. I just need to find that person to bring.
One interesting thing is that the doctor followed up on my tiredness symptoms by asking if I snored (I supposedly do) and how heavily and if I stop breathing and stuff (no idea, hasn’t been mentioned by my roommates). That’s sleep apnia in case you’re wondering and it made me realize how important sleep is to the symptoms I described. So I’m going to try to improve my sleep habits and ask my old roommates if I had any snoring/breathing issues. Maybe that will cause some/total improvement. It’s an interesting thing to investigate.
Anyway, the new “big day” is Dec. 3rd. And I just “can’t wait”…..

Adventures in Madison

So today I set out to Comp USA to get that nice little GameCube bundle they had advertised in the paper. Details:
1 Game Cube
1 eacho of Extra Controller, memory card (51 page), extension cable for controller, surge protector, rf adapter, and cd case….all by “Hip Gear.”
Cost: $205 – 50 price reduction – 25 instant rebate – 31 mail in rebate.
Anyway so I’m in the store and I look at the quality of this “hip gear” and note that it isn’t all that hip and the price of the accessories purchased separately does not equal the extra $105 that they were charging for the bundle to begin with. So, in other words I would be paying an extra 31 dollars for 31 dollars worth of crap and then wait for that money to come back in the mail. In fact the only accessory I’d use there was the extension cable for the controller, and I’d rather not deal with the rebate. So I said, “no way” and didn’t even buy first party stuff from them cause I didn’t like their prices or their advertising and just didn’t want them to have my money.
Onward I went to Best Buy. I got the platinum colored cube, a $5 extension cable, a 251 page Nintendo memory card and a $45 open item game boy player (score!). Then I was accosted by a sales person who told me I would not be able to sleep at night if I didn’t purchase their 2 year warranty for $10. I pondered this and after he showed me some cheap games and left, I headed for the checkout. I was still undecided on the warranty and figured I’d get it if the checker brought it up, since I didn’t have enough will power to say no at that point.
But in flies Manager man who pimps the same warranty, politely informing me that the “remote” would also be covered…incidentally there is no remote with my Gamecube, so I guess I’ll just send in my broken TV remote and say that the manager said my remote was covered. The checker who was 1) in the know, and 2) my age noted that if my controller ever went bad (even if it’s cause I threw it…this guy must have anger management issues…) I could get them to cover it. So yeah, there was extra charge 1 for the day: $10.
Next I drove on over across the street to the mall and stopped in Game Stop for some used game action. But it was then that I recalled Paws’s urging to go to EB for my gamecube due to some $40 game merchandies certificate or something. I panicked since I didn’t even know for sure if Madison had an EB and I didn’t want to go back and do a return to Best Buy and I couldn’t find a phone booth….so I wandered in to Gamestop/Software Etc.
Employee: “Can I help you find anything today?”
Me: “Yes, if you don’t mind me asking a really weird question.”
Employee:”Sure what is it?”
Me: “Is there an EB in Madison.”
Employee: “Yeah, in the East towne mall…though I can’t let you leave now.”
Me: “Nah, it’s okay, I’m still gonna buy something.”
Other employee: “I like that.”
So I looked for used games and then was accosted by the “I like that guy” who asked me what games I’d been playing (I told him of Disgaea’s leetness to which he seemed very excited) and asked what I thought of the upcoming Final Fantasies. I told him FFX-2 is more of the X world, so I’m up for that. And that I was a FFXI beta tester so I’m down with that too. And then he tried to get me to preorder…to which I said, “It’s Madison, like we’re going to sell out.” Nevertheless I asked for pricing and then found myself looking at the FFXI mouse pad…..you can see it yourself. But I did figure guaranteeing a copy for $5 wasn’t a bad idea. And then I noticed URU boxes in the drawer of the mouse pad. Uh hello, URU’s out soon? Gimme! And no less with preorders you get a free copy of the 10th anniversary dvd set of Myst Riven and Myst III. That’s worth the cost of the game right there. Riven on DVD = better movie quality and rare. Booyah! So there went another $5. Oh and FFXI’s preordering scored me a “nifty” mousepad that doesn’t even work with optical mice.
Then I was like what one game should I pickup for cubage? The resounding answer? Zelda. So, $39.99. That lead to checkout time. Where Gamestop sells you this card for $10 that gets you 10% off used games and a GameInformer subscription with coupons. Considering it contained a coupon for 10% off a used game, when combined with the card it netted me $7.60 (10% then 10 more %) of savings, meaning I paid $2.40 for the card…which was acceptable seeing I’d need more used GC games in the future. So second extra charge? $2.40.
Then I trekked across the city, taking the scenic route to East Towne mall recommended by a coworker that in my opinion also made the trip take twice as long as just looping around on the beltline and Interstate. But eh, I got there and my driving skill for Madison went up a point. Yay for me.
So I wander around the mall and make every incorrect turn possible before finding EB (making me nervous since for some reason I felt I hadn’t locked my car and was going to lose my Gamecube and stuff). I walk in and puruse the flyers on the wall and ask the salesman and find out that I’m apparently insane as there isn’t a $40 merchandise credit thing. But only these two offers:
1) Trade in a PSX, N64 or Dreamcast and 7 games to get a Gamecube for 49.99 –hah, I want all my old games/systems so no go there.
2) Get a free game with a Gamecube when you buy a crappy $7 51 page 3rd party memory card. No not a good game, you get to choose from Minority Report, Shrek Extra Large, or NCAA 2K3. –pfffffft
So I asked, “Do you have any used ones?” Indeed they did for $80 (Gamestop charges $69.99 for their used systems and $79.99 for refurbed. But no EB’s weren’t refurbed but they did come with a 6 month warranty for an extra $8) So it was $88 for used with 6 month warranty vs. $110 for new with 2 year warranty that I had already bought and even covered my “remote.” I didn’t see a big enough difference there to bother going back to Best Buy and I didn’t want to think about it anymore and so I left and drove home via the Interstate which I really do think was faster. So yeah I lost 40 minutes+ in travel time for no seeable benefit except the driving exp. Oh well. And Paws, I blame you. ;p

The Gamecube

So I found myself with some money this month and decided it was time for a Gamecube. Now you should understand I was in uber impulsive mode. So rational thought need not apply. I went into IRC and asked their opinions on the cube, to which I got a round of thumbs up. Yay. Then the decision between new and used. New bundle with several 3rd party accessories or used for 30 less and get 1st party accessories. Eventually, we decided to go with used.
So, on I went to Gamestop. Except Gamestop didn’t have any used or refurbed Gamecubes. So I thought i’d pick up a used game or two and then go to Comp Usa to pick up that new bundle. I basically spent 10 minutes looking at used games I didn’t have time to play yet, and didn’t buy any.
So I went to CompUSA to buy the system. Except they were closed at 9:00….which was right when I got there. So I stopped in Target to see if they had any deals, but they didn’t and i spent 10 minutes talking myself into waiting and not be impulsive. I did so and now I’m home. but i’m stilll hyper or something….the end.
Till tomorrow. MWAHAHAHA!!!